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Why do data analysis? Brilliantly put in the movie Moneyball, and applicable to Six Sigma, it’s so we can get past biases and to to truth. We must be careful. The goal isn’t to eliminate judgement. We want to use data to make better decisions.


Using Data to Make Better Decisions

Great TED presentation on using data to make better decisions.

Outline for Performing Data Analysis

  • Discrete Data Tools & Examples
    • Discrete / Attribute / Categorical
      • Yes / no. Pass / fail. IGO / NIGO.
      • Is counted
        • Percentages & Ratios
        • Categories
    •  Survey answers (scaled 1-10)
      • Good for failure analysis / making decisions (good vs bad; correct vs incorrect; accepted vs rejected)
      • Tools
  •  Defects / Defectives vs Fixed / Varying

Continuous Data Tools & Examples

Doing statistical data analysis usually involves the following:

  1. Measuring of the central tendency.
  2. Measure of the variation.
  3. Evaluation of the shape of the data.
    1. A histogram is useful in evaluating the shape of the data.
  4. 4 Questions of Data Analysis (nice flow chart):


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