The Villanova Six Sigma Green Belt Study Guide is a free, quick-reference list of essential material to prepare for and pass the certification exam. Master the Villanova Six Sigma Greenbelt Body of Knowledge with this Study Guide.

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The Beginning of Six Sigma

What is Six Sigma
The History of Six Sigma and the Prominent People in Six Sigma
DMAIC Methodology Overview
The Project Charter

Data Collection Plans

The Project Scope of a Team and Team Dynamics
Teams – Paradigm Shifts
Determining Customer Needs and Requirements
Quality Function Deployment and the House of Quality
Critical to Quality Tree and Kano Model
Process Mapping and SIPOC

Data Collection Plans Part I, II,III

Calculating the Baseline Sigma
Quincunx Process Analysis
Types of Data

Root Cause Analysis

Basic Data Analysis and Basic Process Analysis
The Big Picture
Root Cause Analysis and Hypothesis Testing

7M Tools

Measures of Central Tendency and Standard Deviation
Determining Project Solutions
Prioritization Matrix
Affinity Diagrams
Metrics and 7M Tools
Interrelationship Diagrams

Control Charts

Maintaining Solutions
Introduction to Control Charts and Their Construction
XmR Chart and Pre-Control
Attribute Charts – p Charts
Other Attributed Charts – np, c, and u

Process Capability

Process Capability
Distributions and Reliability
Weibull Distribution, Chi Square Distribution and Multi Var
Point and Interval Estimation

Other Tools and Techniques

Design of Experiments
Building Charts
Ten Questions Regarding Six Sigma
Course Wrap Up

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I need the materials for 6 sigma
Also, I need to know the fees of the online exams



Which organization are you looking to take your exam with? This page is for the Villanova program. You would need to contact them to purchase their program. My understanding is that their tuition is inclusive of their exam.

If you meant to ask about a different organization, let me know.

Best, Ted

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