Learning Six Sigma

Learning Six Sigma


Learning Six Sigma

Learning Six Sigma. Alan Levine

Whether you’re studying for your Black Belt exam, Green Belt exam, or just want to see what Six Sigma is all about, I built this website for us to learn together. Last article I gave an introduction about myself and the site. I asked for help deciding what else to add to the website – thanks to everyone who responded!

If you didn’t get a chance to reply, no worries; you can always drop me a line by leaving a comment at the bottom of any article or shoot me an email via our contact form.

Here’s a few answers to commonly-asked questions:

Learning About the Different Types of Certifications

Each certification has a Body of Knowledge (BOK) associated with it – a list of things that that the candidate is expected to know. I have put the most common BOKs on my site and linked to the articles with information on each.

Unsure which certification to try for? Not a problem. Let me know where you are in your career and what you are looking to do and I’ll see if I can help. Also, you can see a comparison between the most recognized types of Six Sigma certification here.

New to Six Sigma?

Check out these articles:


General Learning About Six Sigma

  • I built this website to learn about Six Sigma. And I’m still learning. I’ve passed one green belt exam, the ASQ black belt exam and the Villanova black belt exam all on the first try. I’ve applied the knowledge on projects for years. There is always more to learn.
  • There are 400 articles on SixSigmaStudyGuide.com, all with something that helps on them.
    • If you can’t find  something, just use the search feature at the top right hand of the website.
  • Questions:
    • Any questions, just leave a note at the bottom in the comments on any page and I’ll do my best to help out.
  • Custom requests:
    • Send me an email. While I’ve put a lot of effort into this site, I have not yet come close to sharing everything I’ve learned. Send me a note on anything you don’t see covered and I’ll do my best to dig it up for you.

Thanks for your help making Six Sigma Study Guide the most comprehensive resource to learn, study, and apply Six Sigma tools and techniques on the web!

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  • Zassala nicolau

    Interesting learning (six sigma)

  • Anij Kumar Agrawal

    Unsure which certification to try for? Not a problem. Let me know where you are in your career and what you are looking to do and I’ll see if I can help.
    Am in appliance manufacturing in own business as well as project handler for turn key projects.Well versed with system of production and ways to implement but think of adding edge to experience with some professionalistic and documented ways to work on technical as well as productive level along with time and resource management.

    • Hi Anij,

      For time and resources management I would recommend the PMP – Project Management Professional certification. While Six Sigma Black belts are expected to be adept at project management, and the certifications certainly require a good understanding, I think a focused program of study like the PMP offers would better suit your need.

      However, if you are looking for ways to systematically deliver exceptional results, Six Sigma is a proven methodology. Given your experience I would suggest going for the Black Belt. The organization or certifying body depends on how much effort you can put in. If you have more time available, I would advocate trying for the ASQ Black Belt. It is more time-intensive, but you will gain more. If not, one of the other bodies like IASSC would be sufficient. Best of luck!!

  • Vinit Shah

    Unsure of the value certification will add to my experience and will it enhance my resume. I work as a validation engineer with concentration in process validation for a pharmaceutical company. I have a masters degree in pharmaceutical engineering. I want to enhance my knowledge about different statistical programs that could help me streamline the process. Also, what are some of the best resources that could help me pass the exam.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Vinit,

      I think that a Six Sigma Black Belt education would certainly give you a structured approach to applying statistics in meaningful ways to improve your processes. Whenever you want to see if a certification or other qualification would help your resume, I would check with a senior executive mentor in the industry who has experience hiring for the kind of roles you aspire to.

      The best resources for passing any of the Six Sigma Black Belt exams are on this website, particularly the membership-only sections.

  • ajaykrawat

    Hi! Ted,

    I have done a green belt six sigma project as a team member.

    Could I go for ASQ Black belt certification ?


    • Hi Ajay, I think it depends on which certification you are going for. If you are pursuing Villanova or IASSC, they have no project requirements. ASQ requires you to lead 2 projects. Simply being a team member is not sufficient.

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