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Comments (218)

Today I subscribed for the Green Belt Study Guide. However when I try the first module (Quiz) I always receive the same error message (Login warning: There was an issue with your log in. Your user account has logged in recently from a different location.). Despite I logout from all my devices this error message does not seem to disappear. Any suggestion on how to resolve this issue?
Thank you.

Hi Moise,

Thanks for contacting me. This is a security feature. Sometimes you may need to close your browsers out (all tabs) and / or refresh your browser cache. Regardless, I’ve systematically logged you out of the system. You should be all set now. Happy studying!

Best, Ted.

Hello There

I’d like to ask of you provide a six sigma green belt study guide book in addition to other resources such as the question bank and other resources.

Thank you very much


I was looking up the pricing for the ASQ Black Belt course, and while I found the Green Belt was $127, I was unable to find pricing for the Black Belt. Can you let me know?


Hi Saad,

The PYSSGB course has helped many people prepare for their Black Belt exam. Certainly, if you cannot pass all of my mock exams and practice quizzes, you will not be ready for the Black Belt exam.

I offer a 30 day $ back guarantee. Why not give the PYSSGB course a try? If it’s not for you, I’ll be happy to give you a refund.

Best, Ted.

Thanks Ted.
I really will like to make a purchase but have further question.
(1) does the practice exam have explanatory and solution section for incorrect answers?

I meant if I get an answer wrong, do you provide a section that explains the question and provides solution or calculation/steps for the answer?

Absolutely, Saad. Each of the tiers offers 700+ questions. Each question details not only why the right answer is correct, it describes why the wrong answer is a poor choice. For calculation questions there are expansive additional notes – entire pages dedicated to stepping through how to answer.

The Guided tier offers an exclusive forum where you can ask follow up questions on any of the questions in the entire guide.

The Custom tier offers a custom-made study plan as well as the ability to ask for more in-depth information on any topic.

8.7.2020 Hello Ted, I just took the Green Belt exam last night and was in shock. THe study information I was provided left me without any knowledge of about 30-38% of the test material. I love the Six Sigma concepts and will be successful. I need an honest break – an honest vendor who provides accurate info and practice exams, with answers to guide me through the next exam. Are the questions in your exams accurate?

Are you that guy? Bobbie Bergere

I hope so, Bobbie! I try to act with the integrity I would want others to act with.

My programs come with a 30 day $ back guarantee. If you don’t love what you see there, I’ll refund your entire purchase.

I’ll also follow up with you over email.


I am also trying to upgrade my membership to the PYSSGB Guided Course but I do not see an option for upgrade only purchase of course.

Can you please help?

Hi Ashley,

That’s a good point. I don’t have an option for that listed. I’ll be in touch with a discount code for you to be able to upgrade at the email you provided.

Thank you for reaching out!

Best, Ted.

Is CSSGB course material would be online or is it in handbook going to be delivered at my home ?
And what if I want to cancel it after some days what is the procedure for it and in how many days I’ll get the refund?

Hi Mahendar,

I see that you are Free Trial Member – thanks for signing up!

My course material is entirely on-line. I have a 30 day refund policy – just contact me at any time and request a refund if it’s not right for you.

You can see a complete walk through of what my course looks like here: https://sixsigmastudyguide.com/pyssgb-walkthrough/

Before you buy, please note that my courses (Pass Your Six Sigma Green Belt) is for people who have learned six sigma but need a way to study for the exam and want to be certain to pass the exam. If this is your first exposure to six sigma, you’d want to take training first.

hi Ted;

I taken my ASQ SSGB certification test today and certainly good news to inform you that i have just passed the exam.

Thanks and very fortunate to know your course. It does help me to better prepare myself in the exam.

thanks again.

rgds, Er

Hello Ted,

Can you advise on the better certification – Lean 6 Sigma or Regular 6 Sigma? Does your program cover both?

Thank you,

Hi John,

I think both Lean and Six Sigma are both toolsets that professionals need. They are complimentary to each other. More important than the certification is who is doing the certifying. There are many ‘certification mills’ out there that are happy to charge you for a piece of paper.

My best advice is to look for others in your career path that have achieved what you want to achieve and mirror their certifications. If that’s not applicable, I recommend using ASQ. ASQ’s green belt and black belt certifications require understanding of both lean and six sigma.

My program covers both lean and six sigma and prepares candidates to pass a large variety of lean six sigma certifications from leading organizations like ASQ, IASSC, Villanova, and more.

Best, Ted.


I have been conducting DMAIC projects since 2007 and certified under stringent criteria under the Department of Defense (U.S. Navy) guidelines as an LSS Black Belt. I retired in 2015 and have since been consulting on LSS across industries.

I would like to diversify my certification profile to ASQ and possibly IASSC and despite my deep fund of experience I do not want to take anything for granted. In fact, I know I have some sharp contrast in core belief and practices to both of the BoKs under ASQ and IASSC.

I have researched far and wide for a prep/tutorial package and your system and approach to communication stands tall amongst your competitors.

I would like to enroll in Black Belt level prep but I only see Green Belt on your site. Please advise where I can enroll for Black Belt Prep.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for reaching out. And thanks you for the kind words – I hope to live up to them!

I am currently creating a Black Belt product that will serve both ASQ and IASSC established bodies of knowledge. It will be ready towards the end of February.

If you’d like to be on the notification list for when it’s ready, just take a moment and fill out this very quick survey here and leave your email in the optional field. The survey will also give you a preview of what will be delivered.

Black Belt interest survey:

Also, don’t forget you can sign up for my BB free trial and get access to a few assessment exams here:

They will help you see where you need the most help and guide you to a higher score on the exam. (If you’ve already signed up, tell me how you did on the assessment exams.)

Best, Ted

HI Ted, great to e-meet you! I just signed up for the express course for the green belt exam and notice I cant access or read anything in reference to Module 1. Does this unlock like on Day one?


Hi Ted,

I’m really grateful to have come across your site. I am trying to create my customized Study Plan as your blog indicated. I took your free assessment tests and found them very insightful. However on logging in again i cannot find my test results. Kindly help me with my result information so i can create my study plan. Thank you.

Ted I signed up for the Free Six Sigma Black Belt Exam Questios. Your site then rejected my access to PYSSGB. What is going on? How do I get access to PYSSGB reestablished?

Hi Scott, I hadn’t anticipated that paid members would sign up for the Black Belt free trial. As it is, the checkout system cancels all previous accounts at time of “purchase”. I’m looking into a better workflow.

I’ve reverted your account back to the purchased PYSSGB. Apologies for the disruption.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I got your contact reference from the website, I am Neelam Bhatt and based in India. I am looking for certification course and certificate in Six Sigma.
Hence, you are requested kindly provide the course details and fee structure for this certificate.
Iam interested to enroll myself for this course asap.

Thanks a lot for the help. I just passed the IASSC Six Sigma Green Belt Exam this morning.
Best Wishes

I am in search of an option to purchase a Pass Your Black Belt course (like your Pass the Green Belt Course). I am having difficulty navigating your website…..can only find green belt courses.

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for your question. I currently only offer Green Belt courses – the Black Belt course is still under development.

If you’d like to be on the notification list for when it’s ready, just take a moment to read this walkthrough here and fill out this very quick survey here and leave your email in the optional field.

The survey will also give you a preview of what will be delivered. Black Belt interest survey: https://goo.gl/forms/6B277hBNV4ZdqEFT2

Also, don’t forget you can sign up for my BB free trial and get access to a few assessment exams here:

The assessment exams will help you see where you need the most help and guide you to a higher score on the exam. (If you’ve already signed up, tell me how you did on the assessment exams.)

Best, Ted,

Hey Editors,

My name is Martin and I am the CEO & Co-Founder of Cleverism.com — a leading educational website that helps people actually get their dream job (we write super actionable and helpful career guides :-).

I stumbled upon your post on “Brainstorming” and I thought it was very insightful.

Over the last 2 weeks I wrote probably the most actionable and helpful guide on everything people ever wanted to know about idea generation, stages of successful ideation, successful idea generation techniques etc.

Ideas are things that come and go and fairly frequently too. However, the really great ideas usually spring unexpectedly in moments of inspiration. The generation of ideas can be stimulated using tools for creative thinking. By first recognizing the barriers to creativity and then exploring a range of techniques to develop new approaches to problems.

In this article we will include a short note on the three stages of successful ideation and 18 killer idea generation techniques. Any chance you’d include our actionable guide on “Idea Generation Techniques” (https://www.cleverism.com/18-best-idea-generation-techniques/) in your awesome article (https://sixsigmastudyguide.com/brainstorming/)?

Have a lovely day and keep up the good work,

CEO Cleverism

Hey Ted,

My name is Martin and I am the CEO & Co-Founder of Cleverism.com — a leading educational website that helps people actually get their dream job (we write super actionable and helpful career guides :-).

I stumbled upon your post on “Brainstorming” and I thought it was very insightful.

Over the last 2 weeks I wrote probably the most actionable and helpful guide on everything people ever wanted to know about idea generation, stages of successful ideation, successful idea generation techniques etc.

Ideas are things that come and go and fairly frequently too. However, the really great ideas usually spring unexpectedly in moments of inspiration. The generation of ideas can be stimulated using tools for creative thinking. By first recognizing the barriers to creativity and then exploring a range of techniques to develop new approaches to problems.

In this article we will include a short note on the three stages of successful ideation and 18 killer idea generation techniques. Any chance you’d include our actionable guide on “Idea Generation Techniques” (https://www.cleverism.com/18-best-idea-generation-techniques/) in your awesome article (https://sixsigmastudyguide.com/brainstorming/)?

Have a lovely day and keep up the good work,

CEO Cleverism


I am studying for LSSBB cert with Villanova, will the ROI be worth it to take the LSSGB Villanova study course? Thank you for your time!


Hi Ryan,

Yes, I think it would because:

1) I’ve built the Green Belt course to be incredibly robust and comprehensive, so you will receive excellent preparation.

2) Other Villanova Black Belt candidates have done precisely that! They’ve even been pleased enough to leave testimonials which I try to make use of through out the site.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. My programs have a 30 Day money back guarantee. If you don’t think it’s right for you for any reason, I’m happy to refund your purchase in full.


I see some of your topics example , Residuals Analysis , has no material or I cant click on it to view this material. I would like to know if such material is available upon payment? also I am looking to use this as a study guide to pass my BB Exam as I can see almost all of the BB topics are covered here.

Hi Savio,

Should be updated now. Thank you for the comment! In the future, just leave a comment on any of the ones you are particularly interested in if you’d like to advance it up my prioritization list!

Best, Ted.

Hello Ted, I see you have three courses offered for Green belt, however, I do not see any courses for Black Belt. I am planning to take the certification in next couple of months and would be interested in a ASQ Black belt course.

Hi ,
I am from IT industry. I see many statistical topics in six sigma are also taught in Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Will studying six sigma help me?
Is there any book which you can refer me regarding application of six sigma in IT projects?

Hi Sam,

I have an IT background and you’re right; Six Sigma topics are seeing a huge resurgence these past few years in the Big Data, Quality 4.0, AI/Machine learning / Analytics space.

I personally have used Six Sigma topics and practices to deliver massive value through out my software delivery career. I encourage others to do so.

If you’re in the Software delivery space, I’d recommend Scaled Agile Framework. If you’re in the IT Infrastructure space, I really like The Phoenix Project for this.

Best, Ted.

HI Ted, I took an online study course which gave a broad overview and some practice exams and projects but was missing Step-by-Step explanations on how to solve the many types of statistical math problems.

Also I’m quite rusty when it comes to the statistical math that is needed to sit for the exam. During the online course it was difficult for me to determine which formula to use and when to do look ups for z-score and t-score tables.

Overall, I would need some help if getting comfortable with the math problems. Do you offer step-by-step help and personalized guidance and “how to do examples” on the math problems?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!!
I just wrote a comprehensive free guide on exactly how to do this. Here’s the link:  https://sixsigmastudyguide.com/hypothesis-tests-study-guide/https://sixsigmastudyguide.com/hypothesis-tests-study-guide/https://sixsigmastudyguide.com/hypothesis-tests-study-guide/

I’d love feedback to make it even better!

Inside my program I have hundreds of questions with step-by-step walk-throughs of exactly the kinds of questions you’re talking about.

If you like this guide, I’d suggest signing up for my free trial here: https://sixsigmastudyguide.com/free/https://sixsigmastudyguide.com/free/https://sixsigmastudyguide.com/free/

Inside you’ll be able to take a few practice exams and see how I coach people through all kinds of questions. 

Please hit reply and let me know what you think.

Best, Ted.

Hi Nabeel,

I use Chrome extensively when using and making changes to the site. However, updates to Chrome do happen that require further maintenance and changes from time to time.

If you’ll let me know exactly what the issue is, I’ll see what I can do. Just email me some screen shots of what you are seeing and what you would like to see instead.

Best, Ted.

Please sir
I quoted this portion of your work on non parametric. it was hugely challenge and I was asked to provide the source. Can you please help me with the reference.
“They are usually used in situations where there is only a small amount of information available about the application in question”.

There are many links provided for free practice exams for green belt but only one works and it is the same 20 questions. the others are either no longer working or take me to a place to pay for it.

I tried to sign up for an account but it showed my account is locked. I tried to unlock my account but never received an unlock email. Also, I am taking ASQ CSSBB, but I did not see there is a CSSBB exam package.

Hi Adele,

That sounds frustrating. No worries, we’ll get it sorted out. I don’t have a record of you in the system with the email you’ve listed. Can you send me a screen shot of what you’re seeing and I’ll get you set up.

Best, Ted.

Ted, your link to Combinatorics is bad. In fact, a search on that term in the site doesn’t return a result. Just FYI.

Hi Ted,

I just completed the Villanova Green Belt course (End of Jan) and honestly I don’t even know how to start. I was just starting a new project mgmt. position at the time the course started so honestly, I didn’t get as much out of it as I thought. How should I begin to study? I am actually just going through all of the lectures and readings again like you have stated, as I know just studying the practice exams will not help. I did send you a friend request on LinkedIn as well. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Mike Birnbaum


Thanks for asking. First, you’re on the right path given that you’ve signed up for our free practice exams.

Second, read this article about how I passed the Villanova Black Belt. The path will be very similar for the Green Belt, but I like your approach listed so far.

Third, take the practice exam that I have in the free course and send me an email with your score. We can plan the best course of action for you to take from there on in.

Best, Ted.

Hi there,

We’re interested in advertising on your website.

Could you please let me know what advertising options you offer?

Thanks for your time.

Karen Smith

Hey Ted,

I’m not sure if here is the right place for this question but I’m studying towards the IASSC and spending a lot of time on questions that require calculation/recollection of formulas.

Do you know how relevant those questions are for the exam?

What percentage of the exam will contain those type of questions?

Many thanks in advance,

Hi Ted, I’d like to get into your green belt guide study because I’m wan to become green belt, 8 years ago I had a green belt training from the company that I worked ( DuPont) and I have my notes and documents but I need to refresh every thing . How hours of study do you recomend to pass examen and learn. I saw in the site of ASQ they have two dates one in July and august. another things is my English is low-intermediate, I’m living in canada but my first language is spanish, and second one french. I’m working on it but I was wondering if it is an issue for me. I received an offer for your membership Get Pass Your Six Sigma Green Belt and I wonder if that is just one pay or by month.


Hello Ted,

I would like to use the 30 day full reimbursement for the study guide I signed up for about a week ago.


Hi, I want to purchase (PYSSGB) Pass Your Six Sigma Green Belt Course – Express. It’s said there will be 1000 questions. Are those questions comes with answers and explanation or just answers?

Hi Afzalul,

Thanks for the question. Yes, all questions have deep explanations of answers and links to further materials to reinforce your understanding for both correct and the incorrect choices.

Best, Ted.

Do you have any study options that I can use for 2 months ? and the 1000 questions can be arranged in topic-based or subject-based rather than random? Is there any lower price available?


You’re in luck! The Guided course options are arranged BOTH in topic order, subtopic order, AND at the end of the course there are full-length mock exams. You don’t get access to just 1000 questions, you get access to a full study guide that helps you assess what you need to do and then helps you zero in on the specific weak areas that you need to improve on. See some screen shots of what you get here.

As for a lower price, there are already 3 pricing tiers. I am testing out a monthly option for $49 that you can cancel at any time. Click here to subscribe via the monthly option.

Hi. I have a question for you. I will be happy if you help
A manufacturing company operating in Germany exports pistons abroad. The buyer company wants to prove that the production is made in six sigma quality. You are an engineer working at the factory and the manufacturing chief asks you to calculate what the standard deviation of the process should meet. The diameter tolerance range of the pistons in question is given as 100,200 -99,800 mm. What should be the standard deviation of the manufacturing process to ensure six sigma conditions?

I addressed this question. but i couldn’t find a solution. Can we do the solution and send me your picture?

Hi Ted,

Is it possible to just purchase practice exams vs practice exams +study guide for the asq cssbb exam?



I want to continue my monthly subscription for the six sigma green belt course. Can you please send me a link so that I can purchase that?

Hi Afzalul,

I apologize for the delay in answering. It looks like you were able to use the one in the email. I’m glad you re-joined us!

Best, Ted.

Ted ;
I have two questions :
1- can I take the PYSSBB for both green and black belts, or I should buy two of them separately, ie PYSSGB and PYSSBB?

2- which type you recommended to buy, Express, Guided, Custom?

thanks in advance


Thanks for reaching out. I think it’s best to start at the Green Belt, then you can upgrade later at a discount.

If you’ve had good training and you have 4 weeks or more to prepare, I think the Guided option is the best bet. If you’d had less training, Custom is the way to go. If you only have a short time to prepare, Express is the one for you.

Thank you for your patience!

Best, Ted.

I have failed in six sigma exams of certification first time in engineering field how can I give my exam again and get my certificate of six sigma white belt free and lean six sigma free certificates please help me out of this problem reply back soon .

Hi Ted, I cant login into my account. I keep getting error message that my account has limited access And need to contact you. Please help! Eager to get started

Hi Ted,

I’m trying to buy the course with my Amex, but it is declined `due to the expiration date !

Hello Ted,

I’m curious…. the IASSC BB reference document only contains some equations from the different types of distribution (ex: chi-square, f-test, etc.). Do you know if these are the only distributions we have to know for this particular certification. Also, approximately what portion of the exam included the more in depth statistics vs. vocabulary and financial math? THANKS!

Hi William,

Good question. I have a lot of anecdotal evidence based off reports from people who have taken the exam that there are a few other equations that are asked in the exam.

I’ve asked this question to IASSC and they refer me to their BOK and that reference sheet. I hate to pass the responsibility to you but you should contact them as well to see if the equation-based questions asked will be limited to their reference sheet.

Best, Ted.

Hi Ted, I’m just trying to figure out what the best option is for taking the IASSC Green Belt exam by the end of this month, I want to get started right away! But I have a couple of questions, Does the monthly description work where I can stop the subscription once I pass the exam?

Best wishes!

Hi Grayson,

Based on your comments here and over email, the monthly option seems to be the best bet for you given your timeframe. The monthly subscription bills you in advance for the following month. You can cancel anytime via the site immediately or email me and I’ll cancel it for you.

Best, Ted.

Hi Essam,

Yes, the normal green login button is having an issue. There is now a larger, uglier text version that you can log in with in it’s place until I can make the fix. Also, you can always log in here: https://sixsigmastudyguide.com/wp-login.php

Best, Ted.

PS I’ll follow up over email too


I passed my ASQ Green Belt Exam back in August and my sixsigmastudyguide cancellation request must have not gone through and it charge me again in September. I have not used sixsigmastudyguide since August 15th and was wondering if I could get a refund for September as well as a confirmation that the monthly charge/subscription is cancelled?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Congratulations, Cullen! I’m so happy you were able to use our system to pass your Six Sigma Green Belt. Wonderful news!

I’ll be in touch re: your cancellation.

Best, Ted.

Hi Ted,

I am the CEO of CherryCircle Software which makes a software platform called QbDVision for the pharma industry. Our software includes an analytical piece to calculate process performance and process capability. We also like for our users to learn as they are using our software and quality-by-design and six sigma concepts are areas where they need a lot of help. We like to provide tooltips and links to helpful websites for the concepts and tools presented in our software. I wanted to ask if you would be okay with us providing links to your website in our software? Thanks.

Hello Ted, just bought the six sigma black belt course and exam cannot find where are the course or the practice exam.

Hi Ibrahim,

I apologize for the issue. The system should automatically redirect you to the course page once you log in. Also, there are links at the top of the page for the course home.

I’ll reach out and resolve via email.

Good morning Mr.Ted
I passed the Certified Six sigma Green belt from ASQ.
mainly because of the following.
1.Your weekly motivational e -mails
2.Proper methodology framed to get through understanding of topics
3.Quick response by you and your team in clearing the doubts,when ever asked
4.And particularly your words,learning a small a day will lead for Great success
5. Further to add kindly support me for Black belt

Congratulations, Madhurant! That’s great news!!

We’re happy to help you in your pursuit of a Black belt. I’ll follow up over email to see how we can best help you.

Hi Ted! I used for the account for about 20 days, and since then I haven’t operated the account. I am not sure why I have been charged $49 again. Please cancel the subscription and refund my money.

Good Afternoon Ted,

I need to get copyright permission to use the following definition: SIPOC in our ASME STP-1-2020 standards. If permission is granted for this edition and future editions send me an e-mail. Thank you for your time and consideration.


I cannot access the course I purchased couple of days ago. I had access only for a day but since then it doesnt allow me to get access. I have already lost two days of studying. Kindly resolve issue


Hi Sameena,

I’ll follow up over email but access blocks happen if you enter the wrong password too many times or if you try to log in from multiple devices at the same time.

The block only lasts 30 mins and you’ll have complete access after that. Best practice is to always log off from the course when you’re done studying.

Best, Ted.

I only signed up for 1 month subscription and today got charged for the second month, apparently it was automatic. I really enjoyed the class, but 1 month was all I needed. What should I do to get refunded?

Ted, I Cancelled my subscription on the 29th, the same day my credit card was billed
I need this to be refunded, I do not have this expense in my budget,
During this time of economic uncertainty, I appeal to your sense solidarity and good will,
Waiting to hear from you,


Hi Tamika,

I’ll follow up over email but access blocks happen if you enter the wrong password too many times or if you try to log in from multiple devices at the same time.

The block only lasts 30 mins and you’ll have complete access after that. Best practice is to always log off from the course when you’re done studying.

Best, Ted.


I registered a long time ago to you page. Now I have scheduled my ASQ CSSGB exam for Feb 26 and I was trying to log in and proceed with the suscription but I am receiving the following message:

“Your access to this site has been temporarily limited by the site owner”

I have tried chrome and edge (including incognito way) but none works for me.

Could you please advice on how could I proceed.


Hi Ted,
I just subscribed for Green Belt preparation on your page, but it was an error saying my card was not valid. I checked the bank and the transaction went through. Can you please review and provide me access?

Thanks Ted for your website,

I took my exam this afternoon and I’m not sure my result is good. I do not know when I will have my results from the IASSC.

But I appreciated the sources of information found on your site.

How do you stop your monthly subscription, please?

Good continuation to all, Bruno.

Hi Bruno,

Congratulations on sitting your exam! And thank you for the warm comments.

I’ll go ahead and cancel your monthly subscription now.

Let us know how you did!

Best, Ted.

Hello, in the IASSC Green Belt Certification test do they give mathematical probability and statistics questions? Or are these only for black belt?

Hi Fathima,

Yes, the IASSC Green Belt does test probability and statistics according to their BOK here.

The good news is that 1) they provide an equation sheet for you to use and 2) I hear candidates tell me that they usually only see 5-10 such questions on it.

Beyond the IASSC Green Belts in the industry are typically expected to have a good understanding of applying these principles but yes, the more difficult and in-depth statistical analysis is typically left to the black belts.

Best, Ted.

Thank you Ted. Now I understand that the IASSC exam can be taken at home under proctored conditions- is that right? So in this case too a formula sheet is provided to us for reference before the test??

Hey I purchased the green belt monthly membership a few days ago but it keep reflecting my account as if I signed up for the trail. Would like to get to studying but keep getting dragged the purchase membership page.

Hi Sadarien,

Your account has been restored. It looks like after purchasing you also signed up for our Free version. Currently our system only allows you to have one active membership at a time and the free account overwrote the paid one.

You should be all set!

Best, Ted.

Hi Ted,
First, I would like to tell you that this is probably the best guide I found, so congratulations on your side.
I have the IASCC exam but I am really struggling at some point, specially on the analyse phase (non-parametric tests and sample sizes). Working with the questions at hand is really time consuming. I would like to know in relation to the actual exam, if we will have to do it by hand or they just provide the relevant data (i.e. means, standard deviations, etc) just to use the formulas.

Hi Agustin,

Thank you for the complements. I do appreciate them.

I’m going to take some extra time here to give a lot of context to this answer because I know it’s on the minds of many people.

My guide is designed to test skills over a range of modalities. Some are easier ‘point and shoot’ questions that you can answer immediately. Others are more complex where you have to link several concepts together. The rationale here is as follows:

  • To get practice linking concepts together.
  • To get practice on “easier calculations” while also working harder ones
  • To represent all of the kinds of questions you might see on the exam so that way no matter what they throw at you, you’re prepared for.
  • The guide also is representative of every exam certification out there; and they are all different. Some of these are the hardest kinds of problems people have reported seeing. Others are on the other end of the spectrum.

    The Six Sigma exams, especially the Black Belt exams, require a vast amount of knowledge. The good thing is that they can’t possible ask you all of it. The bad thing is that you can’t be sure what topics they will ask you. The question banks people get tested on are vast. As soon as I say ‘oh, yeah, they won’t ask in that way’ sure enough someone will report having those type of questions on their exam.

    I’d take a similar approach to practice as you should to the exam. On the exam your goal is to score as many points as possible. Each question is weighted the same. If you need to skip a problem (or guess) because it’s taking too long, then do so. Similarly for practice, if you feel that the more in-depth questions aren’t a good investment of time, feel free to skip them and invest it on other problems.

    I don’t think that over large number n questions any of the certifying organizations make the exams impossible. In terms of time per question, on a 100 question 2 hour test there might be one that would take you 5 minutes to solve. But it’s unlikely there will be many of them.

    I hope this helps!

    Best, Ted

For me the main difficulty is when I have to copy all the data in a paper to do the calculations one by one, (i.e. Man Whitney or calculating paired T Test). But it is really useful in the other hand to understand what is lying behind the maths. Very comprehensive answer, it makes sense. Thanks!

I understand and I am open to ideas here to make sure we have a good mix of questions that require “long form” answers and short form. Lately, I’ve been adding questions that meet in the middle with several tabulations done already – especially in cases where n is >8.

Keep giving feedback and we’ll keep improving!

Hi Ted
I am considering enrolling for a 6 Sigma green belt training and certification with the IISE Training center. How would you rate it compared to certifications from organizations like ASQ and IASSC?

Hi Ted,

I’m Intrested in six sigma green belt but I’m not sure either to go for ASQ or IASSC.
1)Both have the same reputation in USA?
2) if I pass the mock exam in the program thenb do you think I will be able to pass the exams from asq and iassc?


hi ted
I keep sending you emails about the double payment and still no reply. can you contact me, please

best regards

Hi Ted,
I did my IASSC BB exam yesterday and I would like to share my experience with you.
– It seemed to be much easier at the beguinning, with some questions with three options realy unrealistic. I think it is part of the 15 “fake” questions that they do.
– The exam is structured following DMAIC.
– A lot of questions related to non-parametric but some of them tricky and theoretical.
– Not may questions in which calculation is required.
– At some point is hard to answer the questions when you have been answering for hours.
– The last set of questions is true/false mixing different steps.
– Some of them were the same you have in the practice. I remember one related to calculate the Kanban that I did not give too much importance when practising.
– It did not focus too much on Lean on History, but I remember three or four questions on DFSS.
– Not many questions on management tools and no questions at all about team building.

To improve your system I make the following suggestions:

– Build more theorethical questions for non-parametrics.
– Try to add a couple of longer exams with the same number of questions that can be found on the exam but without so may long calculations and focusing on tricky questions. The idea is to get used to the time pressure. The current model of 100 questions in 240 minutes is very good but not the same than 165 in the same time. I did not need the whole time, but I was looking forward to reach the end.

Wether if I Pass or Fail I must say that your system has been very helpful for me and I strongly will recommend it.


70.77% …..just certified crossing the line.
Thank you very much for all your support. I will cancel my membership for obvious reasons but I will recommend it to everyone.

Hey Ted,
I was wondering if it would be simple enough to change the check mark for when you complete a section to show whether you reached the recommended score for that section. Maybe a Red for completed but missed by >20%; Yellow for completed but missed by <20% and Green checkmark for completed with passing score.

Hi Ted,

I have a subscription for the green belt and would like to also have the black belt subscription. please send me the half-price discount coupon.



Hi I have paid for black belt subscription, By mistake signed up for green belt trail again and cancelled it. Now my entire accounr is decativated, even the black belt membership for which I have already paid. Please activate my black belt membership or arrange to refund the subscription fees

Hi Simon,

The currency is US Dollars. $, USD.

Currency conversions use the current exchange rates provided by our service provider, which I find tends to be in-line with the broad market.

Best, Ted.

Best, Ted

Hi Ted I wanted to proceed with the study plan
will you be able to provide any discount
plus does it guide step by step or how it works

Hello Ted,
I am looking for a refund. I have canceled my membership in less than 30 days. According to your website, cancel within 30 days no questions ask. Will I be receiving a full refund?

The course does not seem to help me. However, I do believe it can work for someone else.

Hi Rachel,

I’m sorry the course isn’t for you. I’ve initiated the refund and you should be all set.

I’ve also set your course access to the free GB program so you retail some access benefits in case those help. You will NOT be charged again.

You will also receive a few system-generated emails to this effect.

Best, Ted.

Hi Ted,

Unfortunately, I forgot to cancel my monthly subscription which has been automatically renewed today. I have now submitted a cancellation request. Would it be possible to please get a refund on the newly paid month?

I am a certified Black Belt, bur find your tools invaluable. Is there a pricing option for the tools and not the mock exams?


Hi Miguel,

Yes, this guide will absolutely help you prepare for the IASSC exam. We’ve had hundreds of students do so.

We’re not affiliated with PeopleCert so unsure of that aspect of your question.

Best, Ted.


I have passed my Black Belt exam and am looking to cancel my monthly subscription, but I cannot find out where to cancel. Could you please help me?


You’re all set, Dylan. Your membership will now automatically cancel at the end of the month billing period.

Thanks for being a member!

Best, Ted.

Hi Ted,

I’ve signed up for your free black belt course trial. I’ve waited a few days but the confirmation email never came. I’ve also tried the resend email button and that didn’t work either. Is the free trial still available?


Hi Ted,

I’ve signed in, but when I click on the Course home button at the top, it says I still need to click the confirmation URL to receive full access.


Hi ted,
Is this website still active? I requested for the free study plan but received no email.

Hi Ted,
I am interested in the PSYBB course. Can you explain what the package will include apart from the quizzes, mock exams and tests? Will it include study plans and resources?

Hi Karthik,

The study guide has thoughts on constructing the best study plan for you based on your needs, pre-assessment exams, detailed quizzes on sub topics, tests on larger concepts, as well as full-length exams. There is suggested reference material and links to detailed and accessible writing on every imaginable topic. Furthermore, each question in the 2000+ question bank comes with a full walkthrough of the answer and links to learn even more. On top of that, you have access to myself and other instructors so if you ever have a question you can leave it as a comment on any of the pages inside the course or you can add a topic to our restricted forum and we’ll do our best to answer it. 

You can see a bit more of what’s inside here: https://sixsigmastudyguide.com/pyssbb-walkthrough/

Best, Ted.

Hello, I see this comment on the ASQ website. The 2022 Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge (CSSGB BoK) will be introduced at the August 2022 administration.
Both BoKs will be available online until October 1, 2022, at which time the 2014 BoK will be removed.
Does your course/questions/material cover the new exam format currently?

Great question, Anil!

Yes, we absolutely do cover both the 2014 and the 2022 ASQ BOKs for both Green Belt and Black Belt!

We will be updating the mapping overtime.

Best, Ted.


Thank you for all the resources. I’ve successfully passed the exam! Now that I’m done I would like to cancel my subscription. Can you please help with that?

Thank you

Hi Ted Hessing,
Can you assist me to prepare presentation slides for our 3 group members’ presentation to Professor who is teaching us Quality Engineering?
Title is “Potential and limitations of Six Sigma in innovation in industry (OR)The role of Six Sigma in successful innovation.
Presenation time is for 15 minutes.

Thura Aung

Hello Ted.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the amazing resource available on this website. After 4 months of dedicated study I passed the exam on the first try.

Thank you.

Congratulations, Richard!! That’s awesome to hear!

You’re welcome but you did the work and reaped the rewards. I’m happy we could have played a small role in helping you pass!

Hi Ted,

According to your website, if I purchase the membership and for any reason I want to cancel the subscription within 30 days, am I eligible for the full refund? Thanks

Hi Ted,

Could you also help me answer these questions, please? I couldn’t find the answers reviewing your study guide. Thanks!

1. In perfect bell shape curve from a process’ data it means there is no presence of special causes of variation.
A. True
B. False

2. Value Stream Maps are used to identify long term improvement opportunities to help reduce lead time and waste
A. True
B. False

3. Gage R&R studies are best done using:
A. calibration standards
B. actual samples from the process
C. vendor samples
D. only the best operator

Hi Trinh,

I don’t support external questions on this site, just my own collection. But you should be able to find all of these answers on the respective pages. They can be found using the search bar.

Best, Ted.

Hi Ted,

I’m currently working my way through the practice questions for each section and got to question 20 or so on in the ‘ Process Capability and Performance for Black Belts Quiz (BB Process Capability) (40)’ section within the Measure phase, when the form appeared to reset my progress with the answers to that point.

I didn’t mind this so much as I’m completing them multiple times so I can also learn from the answers I got wrong, but now the practice question form appears to have frozen on question 1 of the section and clicking ‘Save and next question’ and ‘Answer Later’ will cause the form to display a loading indication for a few seconds until it stops loading and remains stuck on question 1.

Every other question section works perfectly.

I have tried restarting my computer, using different browsers on different devices, resetting settings etc but to no avail. What could be happening here?

Kind regards,

P.S. Great site by the way!

Hi Ted,

I recently took a course in school on Six Sigma and took the Green Belt Exam. I also studied your free content online before I took the exam. I got a 57%. I was hoping for your input. I have one month to take the exam again and I cant decide if I should purchase the practice exam that IASSC provides or purchase your 1 month package. What are your thoughts on which one will help me pass the exam this time?

Thank you for your time,


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