What is a Check Sheet?

A Check Sheet is a data collection tool that usually identifies where and how often problems appear in a product or service. It’s specifically designed for the kind of process being investigated. Both variable and attribute data can be recorded on a check sheet.

When Would We Use a Check Sheet in a Six Sigma Project?

An Example of Creating and Using a Check Sheet

Just list the type of non-conformance, tally the number of times it happens, and sum the total. Very easy to turn into a Pareto chart.

check sheet

Why Do We Record Check Sheets

Used for measured data.

Checklists vs Check Sheets

Used for attribute or counted information.

What is a Measles Chart

Commonly used to record location data. Shows problems on a geographic area.

When Would You Use a Measles Chart?

How to use Check Sheets Along Side Measles Charts

An Example of a Measles Chart

Ex. a big red x on the engine area on a car image given to you by AAA to show you need to change your oil.

Also see Problem Identification.

Check Sheet Video

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Check Sheet Questions:

Question: Which of the following tools would be most appropriate for collecting data to study the symptoms of a problem? (Taken from ASQ sample Black Belt exam.)

(A) Check sheet
(B) Flow diagram
(C) Force-field analysis
(D) Activity network diagram

Answer:(A) Check sheet. The check sheet looks at data. The others look at process.


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