Enterprise Deployment

Enterprise Deployment
Enterprise Deployment

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Shigeo Shingo – Never official on TOYOTA’s payroll
Juran- Break Through Improvement
TQM- Fiegenbaum and Ishikawa (1980s)
DMAIC – Michael Harry and Bill Smith
Vertical organizations – Repressive of employee’s decision making
Four absolutes of quality management – Philip Crosby
Control Chart – Shewhart
TPS-Taichi Ohno

Motorola CEO to understand concept of Six Sigma Quality Levels (developed by Bill Smith) – Robert Galvin

Deming’s Chain Reaction – “Improve Quality, Decrease Costs, Improve Productivity, Capture the market with better Quality and price, Stay in business, and Provide Jobs”
Earliest American advocate of waste reduction (LEAN) – Henry Ford

Who created initial problem solving framework that should later become DMAIC – Michael Harry along with Bill Smith

DOE – Taguchi
Vertical – Organization most repressive to the decision making of its employees
Reluctance of a line manager to release resources to a PM – Org Roadblock
First CEO to understand the need to control variation – Motorola CEO Robert Galvin

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