What is a Balanced Scorecard?

How do you create a balanced scorecard?

Core processes feed into sub-processes that then feed into dashboard measures.

What are the main dimensions of a balanced scorecard?

The Balanced Scorecard is a set of performance targets and results relating to four dimensions of performance—financial, customer, internal process and innovation.

How do You incorporate the customer’s perspective on your score card?

When using a balanced scorecard, the customer’s perspective helps the organization understand what the customer values?

ROI is a financial performance indicator.

When Would You Use a Balanced Scorecard?

Examine how to apply balanced scorecards in diverse industries

Describe KPIs and KPOVs

How are KPIs & KPOVs related to score cards?

What actions can you take / should you take depending on what you see on your scorecard?

Fictitious Example of a Balanced Scorecard reflecting KPIs & KPOVs.

Balanced Scorecards & Dashboards Videos

Design Scorecard

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