Photo by Shankar S
Photo by Shankar S
  • Details of implementation.
    • Remember, variation is still the enemy! We want to make sure that any new process documentation is clear, easy to follow, and written in the language of the people adopting it so no new variations creep in.
    • New process must be easily repeatable & reproducible.
    • Write it with a brand new user in mind.
  • Benefits of using the new process
  • Any for-seen difficulties and how to account for them
    • Focus on any causal factors that might disrupt new process.
  • New standardized process.
  • Practices to keep the new process in control. Ex. Measuring plan, Control chart.

Control Plan video

Elements of the Control Plan

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I have come across this question: According to Forrest W. Breyfogle III, there are 7 attributes to consider when creating a control plan.

Would like to know which are the 7 attributes?

I couldn’t find the three control plan phases for automotive sector mention in the control phase quiz. Could you direct me to this information?

Hi Larry,

The key to that question is really just knowing what the (3) phases of a Control plan are.

I removed the automotive sector annotation to disambiguate and tagged this article to give a more comprehensive overview.

Best, Ted.

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