Critical to Safety (CTS)

Critical to Safety requirements are based around safety concerns of customers. These might include industry safety standards, as well as workplace health and safety (OH&S) rules. CTS Requirements vs Drivers Like other CTX requirements, Critical to Safety requirements are typically based on customer drivers. These are customer needs that can be translated into one or (more…)

Critical to Delivery (CTD)

Critical to Delivery requirements revolve around delivering a product successfully to a customer. When a customer makes an order, there are several expectations they might have around the delivery of it: They’ll receive the correct number or weight of products. You’ll deliver on the agreed date and time. Or, you’ll deliver within a standard time (more…)

Critical to Cost (CTC)

Critical to Cost requirements relate to a customer’s needs around the cost of your product. Keep in mind that ‘cost’ to the customer doesn’t only involve the end price tag that you put on the product. It might also include: Shipping costs Labor charges Quality assurance time and outlay Cost of keeping inventory Commissions Taxes (more…)

Standard Work

Standard work – also often referred to as standardized work – is a Lean methodology concept. It involves finding the best current method of completing a process, and making that method the standard. An important point to keep in mind is that standard work is not static. You won’t develop standard work processes and then (more…)