TRIZ - Theorey of Inventive Problem Solving
Photo by Quinn Drombowski

Invented by Genrikh Altshuller, TRIZ analyzes engineering problems and then suggests solutions based on structure. Inventive problems contain at least one contradiction which arise when improving one feature detracts from another.

TRIZ uses tables of inherent contradictions and innovation principles, not TRIAL AND ERROR in an attempts to reformulate the design challenge and remove physical contradictions.

There are 2 categories of contradictions (physical and technical) Physical includes time, space, parts and condition. Technical include “trade-offs”. Once a conflict is identified, covert it to a generic problem and then explore it to create an industry-specific solution.

Specific inventive problem -> Abstract problem -> Abstract solution -> Specific solution.

Step 1: Specific: Ex. Long fishing rod

Step 2: Abstract problem: Use the 39 contradictions table to generalize. Ex: 33 Convenience of Use

Step 3: Abstract solution: Select a few items off of the 40 innovation principles table. Ex. 1, 15, 16, 35.

Step 4: Specific solution: Ex. Collapsible rod.

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