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Just Getting Started with Six Sigma

What is the meaning of Six Sigma?

What are Six Sigma’s basic premises?

What training is available?

What are the basic tools?

Choosing a Certification

Learn about the different Six Sigma certification bodies.

See how the different certifications compare against each other.

Studying for Certification

Green Belt candidates should check out the Villanova Green Belt Body of Knowledge and the ASQ Green Belt Body of Knowledge.

Black Belt candidates should review the Villanova Black Belt Body of Knowledge, the ASQ Black Belt Body of Knowledge, and / or the IASSC Black Belt Body of Knowledge.

No matter what test you are preparing for, you should check out my notes on how I passed the Black Belt exam on my first try. There are plenty of tips you could use, too.

If you are taking an open-book test, and the ‘big three’ are all open book, consider bringing these reference guides with you.

Don’t forget your calculator!!!

Applying Six Sigma in the Real World

Passing a test is one thing. Putting this stuff into practice is quite another. Here’s a collection of articles specifically on how to use this in the wild.

You may also be interested in these 10 books that no Six Sigma professional should be without. Ready to go even further? Here are 10 books every senior manager looking to make an impact needs to read.

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