Six Sigma Training

Six sigma training is offered in many ways. Here are several that I have experienced first-hand.

In-Person Classes

Local colleges often offer courses. I personally took Six Sigma Greenbelt classes at my local community college years ago.It was held over the course of a semester and required regular class attendance, homework, a final exam and a semester-long cap stone project.

On The Job Training

Many companies ask Six Sigma Black Belts to train high-potential candidates in their organization to be Six Sigma Green Belts. I have personally coached candidates to receive their Six Sigma Greenbelt.

On-Line Classes

Several reputable companies offer on-line courses. The best blend text books, off-line video, and on-line instructor-led classes. I personally took the Villanova Six Sigma Black Belt course and it offered all of those methods.


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  • Anthony Smith

    I really want to thank you for taking time to write that awesome study out all the research I have did this is the best resource I have found thanks for taking time out to write this. Now any advice you have I will surely appreciate. Now I am going to stay focused on this guide thank you very much. Man your detail awesome I guess I should study section by section with all the hyperlinks do you agree?

    Thank You
    Anthony Smith

    • Very welcome, Anthony. Happy to help!

      Your approach to studying should be dictated by the exam you are trying to pass. In most cases I do find it easiest to go section – by section and do a lot of practice problems. For example, I’d do all of the “DMAIC Define” questions that I could find, then study those until I could reliably get 95-100% correct. Once I reached that level, I’d move on to the next section. But the specifics are different by the exam type because the goal is to maximize your score and each exam does things slightly differently.

      Which exam are you taking? I have my notes on how I passed the ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt here and how I passed the Villanova Six Sigma Black Belt exam here.

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