Stages of Team Growth

Team formation

-Teams are formed to pursue some goal. (Ex. to improve the internal efficiency of an organization)

Build, Develop and optimize.



Forming, storming, norming, and performing.

Building Phase / Forming

-Leader provides direction and the group is not certain of their roles and responsibilities.
-The leader does not usually delegate responsibilities.
-Team does not have the skills and experience to complete tasks or accurately prioritize them.


-The most difficult phase to work through
-The team may feel overwhelmed at the amount of work ahead of them.
-Team members resist seeking out the opinions of others
-Team improvement skills have not been developed
-Team interpersonal skills are still being developed

Performing Phase

-This is the most advanced stage. Here, a team is fully mature.
-The team leader provides the least amount of control.
-The team has demonstrated the ability to effectively make accurate decisions.

Question: “Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing” are terms that describe(Taken from ASQ sample Black Belt exam.)

(A) process variation reduction and improvement phases
(B) root cause identification and corrective action
(C) stages of team growth
(D) steps of the brainstorming process

Answer: (c) This is an easy answer of stages of team growth. None of the other 3 make sense.

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