Kinds of Statistics

Kinds of Statistics
Kinds of Statistics

Kinds of Statistics. Photo by Andrew Tarvin

Not all statistics are the same. It’s useful to discern between the various types of statistics when doing analysis. Remember;

  • a statistic is a value obtained from the sample or a calculation.
  • a parameter is a value found or estimated from the population.

Analytical statistics aka Inferential Statistics

    • Sometimes it is unrealistic to get an exhaustive population study – ex. all of America so we use a sample to infer something about the whole.
    • Most of the time we infer something about the whole population.
    • Developing a confidence interval is an example of using Analytical statistics.
    • Also known as inferential statistics.


Descriptive statistics (aka Enumerative statistics)

    • Typically used for the whole entire population, not just a sample.
    • Using a graph or population parameter
    • Organize or summarize information
      • Mean, median, mode
      • Graphs, charts & plots

Assumptive statistics

    • No such thing. vs. inferential statistics)


ASQ Six Sigma Green Belt Kinds of Statistics Questions

Question: The statistics that summarize a population are referred to as

(A) categorical statistics
(B) descriptive statistics
(C) probabilistic statistics
(D) control statistics

Answer: (B) Descriptive statistics summarize a population. The other options are nonsensical.

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