Techniques for handling team Conflict, preventing team conflict and resolution from team conflict.

Team Conflict

-Has a negative impact on teams.
-Few people thrive
-Usually results in a lose/win situation or a lose/lose situation.
-Rarely leads to creative alternative solutions.
-When 2 team members both express strong opposing views, have each clearly state their positions.

Conflict resolution

–If a team lead wants to be assertive, they must be collaborative.
–Must not be avoiding, accommodating, or compromising.


-Team members agree with the team even if they know they are wrong
-Team members withhold unpopular ideas from the team.
-Ex. teammembers shout down new ideas

Dealing with the “Expert”

  • Remind him or her of the consensus aim,
  • Suggest allowing the data to do the talking,
  • Ask for another team member’s thoughts when you can get a word in
  • Don’t bother asking to cite sources.

Dealing with Maladaptive Behavior

  • The team leader must work to identify the root cause of the behavior.
  • Maladaptive behavior is usually a symptom of an underlying problem, so the team leader must work to identify the root cause of the behavior, particularly when the behavior is repeated or when early attempts to intervene fail to change the behavior.
  • Immediate intervention and openly addressing the behavior in front of the team are valid in many instances, but they are not always the best approaches because they can have the effect of turning a mole hill into a mountain.
  • Asking the team for input before addressing the problem can also be valid, but it is definitely not something a team leader “must” do.
  • Specific behavior:
    • Reign in a neighsayer, ask how the situation can be improved.
    • Verbal attacker
    • Door slammer
    • Loudmouth

Stop people from dominating meetings

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Avoiding Resource Conflicts

Projects may encounter conflicts in demand for the same resources. You can minimize this with resource leveling. Resource leveling smooth peaks and valleys in demand and spreads it more evenly over time. conflicts are resolved by scheduling activities in the slack time of another.


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