A response plan is created in the control phase of DMAIC and details what should happen when one of the established controls in the control plan goes out of tolerance.

Response Plan Resources

Six Sigma Green Belt Response Plan Questions

Question: As a Belt completes a LSS project she creates for the Process Owner a Control Plan. The ________________ portion of the Control Plan details the actions to be taken when the KPI’s indicate they may be moving outside acceptable limits.  

A) Visual Factory

B) Response Plan

C) Readjustment Plan

D) Variance Tracking

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Comments (4)

Hi Alexa,

Yes, you want to create a response plan for every process that is in control. The idea is that you are providing a handbook of what to do should a currently in-control process suddenly become out of control.

This way we are able to lock in the gains and the improvements we’ve made to a process.

Best, Ted.

Hi Qian,

I’ve ear-marked this page for more updates but in the meantime I replaced the reference link with 3 others that should help!

Thank you for calling it to my attention!

Best, Ted.

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