Passing your Six Sigma exam is nearly as much about learning How to Study for Six Sigma Certification as it is about the material you’ll be tested on!

Three Ways Six Sigma Study Guide Can Teach You How to Study Six Sigma

Remind You What You’ll be Tested on

It’s amazing. Many candidates focus on studying what they THINK will be on the exam. Most testing organizations TELL YOU what topics will be on the exam. They do this via published Bodies of Knowledge or BOKs.

Here are some of the most popular Six Sigma BOKs.

My suggestion is to go through each topic that they list in the BOK and be sure you know it! If it’s not listed in the BOK or in a published reading list, you won’t likely have to know it.

Practice Exams

For those that are studying, I cannot stress how important it is to practice as many different types of questions as possible. The day of the exam is not when you want to be surprised by how questions are asked. Take several practice tests to assess your preparedness for an exam and to get familiar with how they are written.

I have a page of links to free Green Belt and Black Belt practice tests. If you find others, please let me know and I’ll put a link to them.

Answers to Questions

I provide answers to the questions from the free tests on the site. Use the website search function if you get stuck on a problem. Just type the key words or the question text into the search bar at the top of the page and the article with the right answer should appear in the results.

If there is a practice question that you are struggling with, you can post it in the comments section of any of the pages and I’ll do my best to answer.  I ask that you do this publicly to avoid people sending me ‘take home’ quizzes.

How I Studied for My Six Sigma Certifications

I’ve taken 3 Six Sigma certifications; a Green Belt at a local community college, the Villanova Six Sigma Black Belt, and the ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt.

Each exam is different. The Villanova Black Belt exam is an on-line, open notes test. The ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt exam is open notes with some caveats. Your notes must be paper. They cannot have example problems listed with solutions worked out.

Each kind of test requires a different study protocol to make efficient and effective use of your time. You can see how I prepared for each here:

If you are going to study for a six sigma exam, I’m here to help!

Hope this helps you learn How to Study Six Sigma!

How are you preparing?

Did you pass? If you passed, congratulations! What studying techniques did you follow?

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What about the exam preparation for IASSC Green Belt ? Does it has the same exam format. Also do the sample question papers you have mentioned reflect IASSC exam ?

Note the IASSC exams are not open book. They give you a referential document with formulas and a scratch sheet.

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