Evaluate Measurement Systems
Evaluate Measurement Systems

Examine the Measurement System Evaluation (MSE)

Quality Management System

A quality management system may include work instructions, manuals and procedures.

Measurement Systems in the Enterprise

  • Examine the analytical methods to determine the bias and linearity of a measurement system
  • Analyze Gage Linearity and Bias studies

Measurement System Evaluation (MSE)

Measurement System Evaluation (MSE), measurement error shows up in the width of the control limits for both the x-bar portion and the range portion.

  • The dots display product variation, not measurement error.
  • you want most of the points to be out of control on the x-bar portion because the dots show you the product variation; whereas the more narrow (ideally) width of the control limits reveals the slop in the measurement system. You want the slop in the measurement system to be less than the variation in the product.
  • the MSE study takes pains to minimize the amount of within-piece variation by measuring each of the five parts in exactly the same spot.
  • Measurement system bias examines the difference between the observed average measurement and a reference or master value.
    • bias has nothing to do with whether or not a measurement device is calibrated.
    • DO NOT use a different measurement device for each of the three (or more) operators. You really do not want to introduce additional sources of variation (e.g., other tools) into the study

Also see Measurement Systems Analysis

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