DMADOV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Optimize and Validate)

DMADOV Phase Define The goals customer requirements Measure the opportunity Determine needs and specifications benchmark opportunities Analyze Examine options Determine creative solutions Design Phase Develop a product and process Design experiments to verify design meets customer needs. Optimize Evaluate performance levels and impacts Redesign as necessary Verify Process abilty to meet customer needs deploy the (more…)

Selecting Six Sigma Projects

Where to find them Depends on the maturity of your company. Could come from a Six Sigma / Continuous improvement office. Hoshin Kanri decomposition KPI / KPO improvements CI Team Kanban board Could come from more tactical areas / reasons FMEA VOC Items that were discovered but didn’t get prioritized in previous projects Kano graphical (more…)

How to Define a Process

Why to define a process You have a project started or you want to start a project You’re handling VOC or Kano or addressing some defect or improving a dashboard, KPI, or other measure. How to define a process Get the general overall picture think about y=f(x) Determine CTQs and list all the steps perhaps (more…)