Multivoting is a way for a group to narrow down a list of choices down to a manageable few. While multivoting is NOT a decision making tool, it is a great way to achieve consensus on an option that is most-favored by the group.

How to Use Multivoting

  • LIst all of the possible choices that the team must decide from.
  • Take the total number of team mates that will be voting (n) and divide by 3. This gives you the number of votes (v) each person gets.
    • Ex. 12 team members / 3 = 4.
  • Each person has those v number of votes to place on any of the options.
    • A team member may put all of their votes on one topic or distribute them as they see fit.
      • Ex. Mary puts 2 votes into option A, 1 vote on option B, and 1 vote on option C. While Bob puts all 4 votes on option C.
  • Tally the votes.
  • The option with the most votes is the most preferred by the group.

When should you use multivoting?

  • Use Multivoting:
    • After brainstorming or some other expansion tool has been used to generate a long list of possibilities.
  • When the list must be narrowed down.
  • When the decision must be made by group judgment.

Multivoting Videos


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