What is a Communications Plan?

Identify and use appropriate communication methods (both within the team and from the team to various stakeholders) to report progress, conduct milestone reviews (eg DMAIC tollgates) and support the overall success of the project.

How does a Communications Plan help overcome barriers to project success?

Use effective and appropriate communication techniques for different situations to overcome barriers to project success.

When would you make a communications plan?

Stakeholders and the Communication Plan

Stakeholder Commitment Scale

How committed are your stakeholders right now? How committed do you need them to be for your project to succeed? What is your communication plan to bridge that gap?

What is a Responsibility Communications chart?

See stakeholder analysis

How does a Responsibility Communications chart aid the Communications Plan?

How does a Responsibility Communications chart depict commitment vs stakeholder?

Example of a Communications Plan

Example of a Responsibility Communications chart.

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