What are Business Processes?

Describe the relationship among various business processes (design, production, purchasing, accounting, sales, etc.) and the impact these relationships can have on business systems. (Understand)

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What is Business Process Management?

Business Process Management is a way to understand, control, and improve and organization’s processes to deliver value to stakeholders. This is a key concept of Six Sigma. You want to use systematic methods to create the best possible business results instead of improving local components. (Optimize the whole.)

Deming Customer Model:

  • Process inputs, controls, outputs are each interdependent.
  • Statistical models can be used to control and guide these inputs.
  • Process feedback can be used to redesign existing systems and make them better.

Juran Measures Quality:

  • Effectiveness: How well the output meets the customer’s needs.
  • Efficiency: the ability to be effective at the least cost.
  • Adaptability: How well you can be effective and efficient in the face of change.

Tools and Techniques to Enable Business Process Management


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When I clicked on KPIV.KPOV, the contents show Balanced Scorecard and Dashboard. Just wondering if the content was correct ?

Hi Mong,

While this page is a bit underconstruction, the link to KPOV is accurate.

Sometimes I’ll group related concepts together into a single resource. If you’ll read the linked article, you’ll see a robust section on KPIs & KPOs.

Best, Ted.

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