Taguchi Robust Design



Taguchi is considered the “Father of Quality Engineering.”

“Quality is related to the financial loss to society caused by a product during its life

Taguchi’s system:

Starts with conception, through design, and into production.

  • Discuss Taguchi’s quality imperatives
  • Discuss different approaches to loss function
  • Learn how to use orthogonal arrays in designs
  • Identify the goal of randomization


  • Taguchi: Uses orthogonal (balanced) arrays, but are types of fractional factorial designs
  • Identify Taguchi robustness concepts
  • Learn three design considerations
  • Discuss Signal/Noise (S/N) ratios

Taguchi’s Quality Imperatives

  • Quality losses are a loss to society
  • Robustness is a function of product design
  • Robust products have a strong signal to noise ratio
  • tolerances should be set prior to manufacturing

Taguchi Loss Function


Taguchi Robustness




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