Target Values: Smaller is Better, Larger is Better, Nominal is Best

Target Values
Target Values

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Quality characteristics used to identify target values in our processes. There are lots of types, but these 3 are the most common.

Smaller is Better

  • Will always have some upper specification limit.
  • Examples:
    • The late departure times from the airport. (Target is zero, they’d expect some variation, and there would be an upper level of acceptability – determined by Voice of Customer.)
    • Ambulance response times
    • Old school Nintendo game cartridge breaking force. If that wafer broke, you were out of a game! Larger is better!
    • Waste generated
    • Non-conforming items
    • Defects
    • Rejected parts

Larger is Better

  • Will always have some lower specification limit.
  • Examples:
    • Test scores (target is 100% – or at least pass rating ;’) )
    • Amount of free time
    • Net Promoter Scores
    • Pressure needed to explode a tire.
    • Cell phone battery life


Nominal is Best

  • Examples:
    • Phone associates: too little time and they are missing things, too much time and they are not being efficient enough.
    • Goldilocks: not too hot, not too cold, just right!
    • Oil in the car: too much is a waste and causes smoke when hitting the engine (or explodes parts), too little and the engine locks and dies.



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  • Wyatt

    Is the Nintendo cartridge example in the wrong category? It seems like you wouldn’t want a small breaking force, and it even says, “Larger is better!”

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