How to Find Six Sigma Teaching Opportunities

Teaching Six Sigma
Teaching Six Sigma

Teaching Six Sigma. Photo by BK

We’ve been talking lately about my strategies for learning and applying Six Sigma. One of the core reasons I was able to pass all of my Six Sigma certifications the first time is that I had spent time teaching the concepts. You will never know a topic as well as you could know it if you do not try to teach it to others.

Recently I was asked ‘What if there is no interested in learning Six Sigma at my company?’

Great question with many different talking points. We’ll save a discussion on how to create and instill a culture of continuous improvement and how to gain traction with a Six Sigma program on another day. (Feel free to remind me!) For now, we will just address the question at hand.

Volunteer to help on this website!

There are hundreds of articles on this website. There should be hundreds more. All of them could be better.

Find something that you want to understand better, write an article, shoot a video and if it is high quality, I’ll put it up as a guest post and attribute it back to you.

Don’t forget the comment section. Thousands of people each month read this website. Very few comment. If I’ve missed a point or if you have a different angle on the subject, comment on the article. In that way you are reaching a huge audience.

Start a YouTube channel

There’s a phrase that “teachers teach.” Just start teaching. YouTube is known for videos but perhaps you didn’t know that it is the world’s largest search engine. Think about how many times you’ve searched for how to do something and landed on a YouTube video (I’ll admit it, I go there every time before putting jumper cables on a car.)

Record yourself going over a topic and post it for the world to benefit from.

Social Media

There are all sorts of sites with people asking questions. For example, there are vibrant Linked In groups discussing all sorts of quality, business philosophy, and project management topics. Don’t limit yourself to Six Sigma groups; branch out into other fields in your industry and offer value there, too. Many times people are looking for an answer that a Six Sigma practitioner could readily give but they just don’t know it.

Quora is another very exciting website/ app that has real, prominent users asking questions to a real audience. Take advantage of both asking and answering questions to authenticated people in your field.

Teach yourself!

This is essentially what I did with The original intent was for me to learn Six Sigma. The way I did was to start to write about a topic off the top of my head. If I knew the topic well, a reasonably good article came out of it. If I did not know that topic well, I had a blank page and I knew that I had to study more before I completely internalized the concept.


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