When I set out to take my Six Sigma exam the stakes were high and I didn’t know where to start. I was at a point in my career where everything I wanted to accomplish was right there in front of me but it all hinged on that moment of passing the exam.

I wanted a road map of what to do and how to do it. I wanted something that would take away the confusion. Something that would literally show me what I had to master in order to pass my certification exam. I wanted confidence.

I couldn’t find anything that would help me in the way I needed so I was forced to create my own!

Introducing Pass Your Six Sigma Black Belt!

(Not forgetting the already awesome Pass Your Six Sigma Green Belt guide.)

I’m so excited to send this email!

After a year of development and Beta testing I’m proud to announce that Pass Your Six Sigma Black Belt (PYSSBB) is launching. This is the followup to the acclaimed

If you’re studying for a Black Belt exam, you’ll find an unparalleled experience with PYSSBB. From full length practice exams, comprehensive walkthroughs of all answers, dozens of individual quizzes, hundreds of reference articles and over 2000 practice questions.

Not to mention support on all questions from current certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belts.

If you’re interested in signing up, go here.

Wait, What is a Study Guide?

Good question! A study guide is that road map to passing a Six Sigma certification that I wish I had when I was preparing for my green belt and black belt exams.

Know What Will Be on Your Exam

Body of Knowledge

First we start with the BOKs because it’s essential that you know everything that could be asked of you. Not all training programs cover all of the topics that are required so it’s up to each Six Sigma belt candidate to be certain they know everything they need to ahead of the exam.

A study guide should reflect the BOK that your organization will be holding you accountable for. That BOK should guide your study.

Great news; Pass Your Six Sigma Black Belt does covers all topics for all major organizations (ASQ, IASSC, Villanova, etc) thoroughly. Complete the work and you will not be surprised come exam day.

If you’re interested in signing up, go here.

What’s the Best Way to Study?

Now that we’re familiar with what we will be tested on we should turn our attention to getting really good at answering the kinds of questions we’re likely to encounter. Questions that line up one-for-one with the BOK you reviewed earlier.

Pass Your Six Sigma Black Belt does this.

A study guide should have a way of assessing how ready (or not) you are to take a certification exam.

A study guide should also help you plan out your time in the most effective manner.

Pass Your Six Sigma Black Belt does all of this, too.

I think the best thing to do is to start with the areas you score the worst on in the practice exam, and start with them as that gives you the best way of increasing your overall test score.

Another method is simply to start at the beginning with the origins and history of Six Sigma and them progress through all of the concepts in DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) as well as the Lean concepts and Design for Six Sigma paradigms.

Pass Your Six Sigma Black Belt gives you the flexibility to study any way you want.

If you’re interested in signing up, go here.

Doing the Work

This comes down to doing a lot of practice questions to discover the missing gaps in your understanding of the materials.

This means taking individual quizzes to hone in on specific areas that are tricky for you AND taking full-length practice exams that will simulate what you see on exam day.

There should also be accountability. How do you know if you’ve studied enough and are ready to move on to another topic? How do you make sure that you remember the earlier concepts you studied?

A good study guide should facilitate all of these things.

Great news; Pass Your Six Sigma Green Belt and Pass Your Six Sigma Black Belt do. If you’re interested in signing up, go here.

Help Should Be Available

While self-explanatory materials are great, there’s always a personal touch needed.

A study guide should be interactive, not static. You should be able to get help on the concepts you need when you need it.

Pass Your Six Sigma Black Belt-Guided and Pass Your Six Sigma Green Belt-Guided both offer access to coaches via an online forum and the ability to ask questions on any quiz or test questions

If you’re interested in signing up, go here.

Where you can find a Six Sigma Study Guide?

Well, I wasn’t not a fan of many on the market at this time which is why I built out my own.

Today I’m proud to announce that Pass Your Six Sigma – Black Belt is live alongside the existing Pass Your Six Sigma !

If you’re interested in signing up, go here.

And of course if you have any questions, just hit reply and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Best, Ted.

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