Other Design Types
Photo by Eric Brunsvold
  • Examine randomized block plans
  • Examine simplex-lattice designs
  • Define evolutionary operations
  • Latin Squares

Fractional factorials (like Latin and Graeco-Latin Squares) will not allow analysis of interactions. The interactions are confounded with other effects. (Also add to fractional factorial analysis article.)

Linear & Quadratic Mathematical Models

Balanced & Orthogonal Designs

The word orthogonal means “having right angles”, so I find it helpful to think of Orthogonal design as “Square design”. A design is orthogonal when factors can be evaluated independently of all other factors.

http://www.micquality.com/six_sigma_glossary/balanced_design.htm (Balanced design)

Fit, Diagnose Model and Center Points

http://www.itl.nist.gov/div898/handbook/pri/section3/pri337.htm (Center point)

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