I’m excited to share another success story. Here, Larry tells us what it took for him to pass his IASSC Six Sigma Green Belt exam.


I want to thank you for your construction of this study guide and your responsive connection to the subscribers.  I have passed my IASSC Six Sigma Green Belt exam. The preparation materials including the videos, articles, mock tests and textbook content have all been a great part in my achievement.  

I hope you enjoy your holidays as well!

Thank you again, Larry

Larry (email)

How Would You Tell a Friend to Prepare for the IASSC Six Sigma Green Belt Exam?

Larry had 2 main tips to fellow certification seekers:

  1. Follow in the footsteps of the people who came before you.
  2. Focus on all of the items in the Body of Knowledge.

I would tell others to read and listen to the stories of the others who’ve taken the test. Those stories really inspired me. I read them more than once, I would use them when I felt overwhelmed and stagnant. 


Having an example that you can follow really helps from a psychological standpoint. After all, if other people have done this, so can you!

Another thing I would tell test takers is to keep your institutions body of knowledge in focus as you progress through the modules. 


Every organization has different items that they focus on. It’s critical to keep the parts that are especially important to your passing the exam front-and-center. Be sure to regularly look at the materials in the BOK of your organization. In Larry’s case it he focused on the IASSC Six Sigma Green Belt BOK – and used all of the articles that I have written detailing these subjects at length to supplement his understanding.

Prepare for Everything – Including Your Choice of Computer

Larry reminds us not to leave anything to chance. Simulate everything you can ahead of exam day. Pay attention to all requirements – especially those taking the exam virtually from home.

A few months ago, I would have told myself to know what to expect on exam day a bit earlier. I had a few surprises once I started the purchasing process and computer capability checks.  The day of my exam, I found out that my laptop wasn’t compatible with the requirements which caused a delay. So, I recommend everyone to do the pre-checks and purchase your voucher way ahead of time.  


Do the Work!

Finally, Larry reminds us that there’s no short cut. You have to do the work.

Everything else is straightforward. You wasn’t lying when you said that if you complete the modules you’ll pass the test! 

Thanks a lot Ted. I will be in touch!


Follow in Dan’s Footsteps

The work Larry refers to is the Pass Your Six Sigma Green Belt study guide I’ve created. Inside you’ll find tons of helpful resources like practice exams, articles, thoughtful and detailed explanations of all questions, ways to optimize your time, and much more!

If this resonates with you, perhaps you’d like to also join Pass Your Six Sigma Green Belt.


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