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      Wahid Ahmad

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      A government agency handles application for assistance for local families. The process for each application includes:
      – A representative enters the family’s information into a computer system
      – A separate staff member reviews the information and uses an income scale to determine if the family is eligible for any assistance

      All of the applications and customer feedback for MArch were reviewed, and the team found the following information:
      – 643 families sought assistance in March
      – 3 families were not able to complete the application process because the representative took too long to see them
      -50 applications could not be passed to the second rep because of incomplete information
      – 45 applications did not have complete information at first but that information was later received
      – The second staff member was able to process all completed applications she received
      – Of all letters that went out to families, 10 included incorrect information

      Calculate the FTY and the RTY for this process?

      Could anyone give me a step by step solution for this in detail?

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      Ted Hessing

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      Try drawing the process first. Attach what you see as the process map here then we can go to the next step.

      In the mean time, you can learn more about the RTY & FPY concepts here.

      Best, Ted.

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