What kind of calculator to use in the Six Sigma tests?

Six Sigma exam calculator
Six Sigma exam calculator

Six Sigma exam calculator. Photo by
Toshiyuki IMAI

Depending on the test you are taking, there may be restrictions on the kind of calculator you can use.

The Villanova tests are open book, open internet, open anything. You take them from your own home or office. You do not need a calculator, but I did detail other items and considerations that I found helpful when I took and passed the Villanova Six Sigma Black Belt exam.

However, other tests like the ASQ Six Sigma test is held in a proctored location. You are not able to bring any kind of electronic device other than a simple, non-graphing calculator. That means no phones, no iPads, no iPods, no Kindles (which is a shame as I’d rather bring a kindle full of books than carry the paper equivalent.)

This is the calculator I brought to the ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt test. (See my strategy for studying and passing here.) What did you use? What do you plan on using?

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  • Katrina

    Hi! I completed the black belt program without a financial calculator. Did you find it to be helpful for the Villanova black belt certification? Thank you for all the great resources!

    • Congratulations, Katrina! And you’re very welcome. I’m glad the site helped. I do not recall using a scientific calculator on the Villanova test. I believe I used the calculator app on my smart phone. The ASQ exam has very strict guidelines on what can and cannot be used – the iPhone among them.

      Incidentally, I have a write up on how I prepared and passed the Villanova exam here: http://www.sixsigmastudyguide.com/how-i-passed-the-six-sigma-black-belt-exam-on-the-first-try/

      I’d love your thoughts on what you’re doing to prepare so we can make this a great resource for people studying. Also, if you think of anything you could use while you’re studying and preparing, just let me know. I recently put up a graphic I had sketched up that helped me while taking both the Villanova and ASQ here: http://www.sixsigmastudyguide.com/resources-and-graphics/ If you can think of others that would be helpful, I’ll see what I can do.

      • Katrina

        Thanks so much for the response! The graphic is very helpful too. I have been consolidating formulas to one sheet, and will go through a few rounds of that as I get more comfortable with all applications. Right now, I am using that as a first pass review of content too as I brush up. I’m also planning to review the tools flow that you have posted. Additionally, I saved off all my quizzes and will be going through those as well. Thanks again!

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