Implementation Plan

Implementation plan: a summary of the strategy to be used for implementation of the piloted solution.

See the entire process of How to Implement an Improved Process.

Implementation plan, being informed by the pilot, should include much of the same type of information as the pilot plan but clearly adjusted to take into account the results of the pilot.

You should focus on more than cost savings when trying to implement a Six Sigma Initiative.

Prioritization matrices can be used to rationally narrow down the focus of the team before detailed implementation planning can happen.

Where & How do we use the Implementation Plan?

Final Process Sigma requires Operational definitions from implementation plan.

Not only used in DMAIC. Also used in Design for Six Sigma – The V or Verify in DMADV.

Barriers to implementation

Describe how to handle some of the common barriers to implementation – see change opposition.

Implementation plan template


  • Identify forces favoring implementation
  • Identify forces opposing implementation
  • Recognize implications and risks from failing to address barriers



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