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Lean Six Sigma is a proven methodology used to deliver outstanding business results. Practitioners who understand this material and can apply it in the real world are in demand. Employers look to various credentialing agencies to certify levels of understanding and application by level often referred to as belts. Six Sigma Study Guide exists to help you learn Six Sigma concepts, study efficiently and effectively to help you pass your exam, build your career and prepare you for applying this knowledge in the real world.

Learning Six Sigma

Six Sigma involves many practitioners but concepts are divided into three generally-recognized skill levels. Expectations and exams are structured around an governing body’s suggested body of knowledge and geared to the level.

You can learn all necessary concepts for free by following these links. Each Six Sigma topic has a page on this website with my study notes. Either follow the links in the study guide outline or  use the search function on the right hand side. If any concepts are not clear, leave a comment at the bottom of any page or leave a note in the forum. (Note: free membership required to access forum, it cuts down on spam.)

Start Here if you are new to Six Sigma:

How to Study for Six Sigma Exams

I wrote an overview on how to study for a Six Sigma exam here.

If you are pursuing a certification, you’ll want to follow these belt-specific resources: (Learn more about the different Six Sigma Belts here.)

Thanks to hundreds of users taking my free online exams I have learned that there are certain topics that really trip learners up on exam day. Here’s a list of free study guides on the more thorny topics:

How to Pass the Six Sigma Certification Exams

I took and passed the Six Sigma Green Belt  years ago. I passed the Villanova Six Sigma Black Belt exam my first time through in May 2014. I also passed the ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt exam first time through in January 2015. You can see the strategies that I used on each here:

Six Sigma Certification Logistics

Free Six Sigma Certification Practice Exams

The single best way to maximize your time studying is to make use of practice exams.

How to Apply Six Sigma in the Real World

The best way to master this material is to apply it. While studying interact with others doing the same. Post comments on articles and interact with the forums.

Look for opportunities everywhere to apply this knowledge; at your job, at a place you volunteer, at home, when talking with friends who work in different positions or even different industries – there is no shortage of opportunities out there. A great way that I have found to study is to try to explain material to others.

Fun Six Sigma Applications:

How to Use Six Sigma in Your Career

Applying Six Sigma to Different Career Fields

Applying Six Sigma Philosophy to Regular Life


Please add your notes to these pages in the comments. Add the links to other articles that you’ve found useful. Add news articles to real life examples that drive the point home. Write in about how you applied this material to a project – any kind of project.

If you feel that something is missing, just use the search function to the right hand side of the page. If you can’t find what you are looking for, just leave a note or contact me and I’ll do my best to add or expand a section. Please leave your comments. Anything that I’m missing I am happy to add!

Similarly, if the notes could use further elaboration or if I’ve absolutely confused the matter, let me know and I’ll make an update as quickly as possible. (Note that the forums are the quickest way to get help as there are thousands of visitors with great knowledge going there each day.)

No Six Sigma project can be done in a vacuum; you rely on teams to make progress. Studying for these certifications is no different. Be proactive about your studying and interact with the community as a whole – and especially with this website! We’re all in this together!