TLDR: On to the hard topics; statistics, calculations, etc!

Over the years of running I’ve worked with thousands of professionals to improve their understanding of core concepts. Indeed there are now millions of people viewing the website and making use of the materials every year.

My general plan has been to improve resources where people are asking questions. This has worked fairly well as an ad-hoc process improvement plan!

Of course, time and attention are finite.

These past few months I’ve worked with a core team to dramatically increase the resources available to you in your six sigma journey.

And that’s thanks to you letting me know what’s most useful to you. Sometimes this has been basic questions about selecting a belt to get started with or choosing an organization to be certified with, or any of dozens of Six Sigma certification FAQs.

Beyond Study Notes and into Instruction

Other times it’s about specific content – like equations, applications etc. Dozens of pages of new content have been added that go beyond helpful study notes.

Here are some of the articles I’ve been replying to the most:

Six sigma metrics

Many different types but here is an article on Lean Metrics and another on Process Performance Metrics)- process capability topics and also see this one.

Hypothesis testing in general

Tons and tons of material here but start on this massive hub page and then dive in more deeply to the specific hypothesis test you’re interested in.)

Simple & Multiple Regression

Again tons of material here but start with linear regression, multiple linear regression, regression analysis, and non-linear regression analysis.)

Use of Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Start with the hub page I have here.

And More

Don’t forget that you can use the search bar available on every page to look up any possible Six Sigma topic and I’ll likely have an article on it. If not, just let me know and I’ll add it to my backlog!

Some topics may not be as complete as you’d like. That’s fine! Just let me know in the comments of that page how you’d like me to improve it and I’ll add it to the back log.

For now, stay healthy and safe! And if you have a minute, let me know if there is there anything else I can help you with?

Best, Ted. 


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