Hi all,

Several years ago I began this website as a 100% free resource to help people learn about Six Sigma and study for their exams.

Over a year ago I made a free membership area where people could get access to a few templates I made and try out a small

A few months ago I launched a paid course to help people pass their Six Sigma Green Belt exam with a MASSIVE set of questions and a test-taking engine that customizes your studying to give you the best chance at passing.

Today I’m applying all of the learning that has occurred to make a few changes.


  • There are now (2) free options; Green Belt & Black Belt.
  • The paid Green Belt course has been radically improved.
  • I guarantee that you will pass your green belt exam if you complete all of the modules & pass all of the quizzes and mock exams in the Green Belt Course
  • Price goes up 7/28/2017
  • You can see a comparison here.

Two Free Options

The free general membership being split into 2 groups – one for Green Belt Candidates and One for Black Belt Candidates. Primarily this helps me give targeted help to each group. If you are pursuing a Six Sigma Green Belt your needs are much different than if you are pursuing a Six Sigma Black Belt.

This gives people the ability to try out the test-taking engine on a small scale and helps me target communications to each audience. This means it’s easier for you to find exactly what you want quickly and you’ll only get emails from me targeted to where you are in your Six Sigma journey.

Free Membership Changes

If you had a general free membership, you have been automatically put in the Free Green Belt membership. If you are a Black Belt candidate, just go to this page to update your level. Again, it’s free.

Once most people have been sorted into the correct free membership, increased communications will come to help you prepare for your exam.

Finally, both free options will now be on a trial basis. Your membership will be set to 30 days. Not to worry, if you want it to last for more than 30 days, you can still sign up – but I have to say, that’s a pretty good indicator that you should upgrade to the Paid option.

Speaking of…

Paid Green Belt Study Guide and Practice Exams Course Has More Features

Course Revamped

Not only does the industry-leading test taking engine remain, questions have been added, improved, and the whole course been revamped to best-serve users. So many people have already used the course to pass their exams. I’ve been able to identify and focus on the most-useful studying processes and procedures.

Documented Best Practices and Strategies.

Not only are you getting the biggest Green Belt question set in the industry, you get the combined knowledge I’ve gained mentoring hundreds of people towards their certifications.

Weekly Check Ins and Suggestions.

Let’s face it, life is busy. It’s easy to get distracted. We can all use gentle reminders to continue to pursue our goals. Now that’s built in to the Green Belt Course as well.

Study Calendars

Most people sign up with either 4 or 8 weeks until their certification. I’ve made specific study calendars for each group.

Pass Your Exam Guarantee

After so many people have used this system to pass their exam I am 100% confident that if you complete the course, you will pass your Green Belt certification. So much so that if you follow the system and you do not pass your exam, I will refund your entire payment.

This is on top of the 30 day “not-for-me” refund I’ve had since the beginning.

Green Belt Price is Increasing

You’ve seen these kinds of emails before. Product goes up, gets improved over time, then the price increases. It’s no different here. Investing your time and effort into the Six Sigma Green Belt course is a guaranteed way to pass your exam. What’s that peace of mind worth? Price goes up 7/28/2017. Best sign up now.




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