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Back with another Friday Sigma Bulletin – a list of things that have come across my desk as a Six Sigma practioner. What has caught your attention this week?


Road Maps. in 2017 there were 750,000 people that visited SixSigmaStudyGuide.com A clear message from this audience was ‘help give me a road map to achieving x, y, z.’ To that end I began with the Six Sigma Belt road map that should help candidates decide which belt (yellow, green, black, or really none). If you haven’t seen it, please check it out and tell me what you think. I had a lot of fun making a Choose Your Own Adventure out of it.

More Six Sigma Road Maps coming. What would help you the most?

Reading / Watching

  1. PADI SCUBA certification manuals.
  2. Basic conversational Spanish review materials.

More details below.


End-to-end optimization. What am I trying to optimize with this site. Studying for Six Sigma is too broad a topic to be considered a process. There are many different sub-sets. For example, there are many organizations each with their own BOKs. Am I trying to help beginners learn or people who have Six Sigma experience but now want to be certified?

It is this narrowing of a specific definition of a goal that we do when creating a project charter in Six Sigma (or even crafting a ‘One Big Thing’ statement in Agile.)

This history of this site has been selecting narrow goals and achieving them. In retrospect, I’ve been dramatically more successful when having goals in a very narrow focus:

  • Goal 1: Help organize Ted’s Black Belt studies. (Complete)
  • Goal 2: Help Ted understand Six Sigma material. (Complete)
  • Goal 3: Help others with all things Six Sigma (Incomplete)
    • Mixed results fielding all manners of questions:
      • Free resources list (a useful list created, but is it complete? What’s the definition of done?)
      • Articles (hundreds created, but is it complete? What’s the definition of done?)
      • Career advice, interview guides, project selection, etc. (great conversations and multiple instances of people changing their careers, achieving a promotion, realizing tangible benefits through the application of Six Sigma in their companies – complete. But can this goal every be completed? No! It’s too broad.)
  • Goal 4: Help People get Six Sigma Certified.
    • This ended up being too broad and had to be narrowed:
      • 4.1: Help people with prior training get ASQ Green Belt Certified. Complete!
      • 4.2: Help people with prior training get IASSC Green Belt Certified. Complete!
      • 4.3: Help people with prior training get Other (Villanova) Green Belt Certified. Complete!
      • And the list goes on.

Much of my work on this website these days is using the affinitized survey results to determine how well this audience thinks I’ve completed those (and other) very specific goals, what other very specific goals you need me to take on, and determining what the prioritization of those goals should be.

Progress has been made but more work remains.

What would you have me prioritize? Let me know in the user survey.

Have you had to plan a Continuous Improvement program? What tools and techniques did you use to select one project at the expense of another?


I had the opportunity to take a quick trip to Cancun, Mexico to pursue a PADI Scuba diving certification. This had been on my bucket list since I was a small child. What an incredible experience! And talk about an industry with necessarily strict quality controls!

I had an amazing time and can’t wait to go again. What bucket list activities are you pursuing in 2018?



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