Per a recent article, I’ve been focusing on the theme of community. Many of the topics I address are centered on Six Sigma exam logistics, and preparation. There are already hundreds of technical articles on the website so the obvious topic missing are all the things that you actually do as a Lean Six Sigma practitioner.

And in true Six Sigma fashion, I designed an experiment. Enter the Friday Sigma Bulletin where I talk about some of the random / not-so-random concepts and tools I use in a week.
As always, I want to know about your experience. Write back, comment, or otherwise let me know what you’re doing, finding valuable or fun out there!


Today I’m thinking about Machine learning and it’s applicability in the Analyze phase of projects. I’m thinking about this because Abdulrahman A. replied to my last email with the following note:

What’s captivating my mind is how to capitalize on data in this era of information and how to introduce six sigma oriented classifiers into existing data generating processes to make meaningful analysis of process performance and identify improvement opportunities.

Same here. There’s a big movement loosely labeled ‘Six Sigma 2.0’ to incorporate those “big data” style analytics and machine learning to traditional DMAIC & Lean practices.

What’s some of the best introductory articles or best practices for beginners that you’ve come across?

Reading / Watching

The One Number You Need to Grow.   I like to re-read this article every year. The one number refers to a Net Promoter Score which is a way of distilling client sentiment into a singular, very focused question. I find that in a world of infinite options, this along with Sinek’s Start With the Why is a great way to focus strategic efforts.

If you’d like the cliff notes of my strategic plans for this website next year, this explainer video I found on YouTube does a good job of translating the concept of the Net Promoter Score to a rough strategic plan.


I love user surveys. (Hint: take one now, it’s quick and painless). I include user surveys everywhere. I’m revisiting the surveys on my paid course, my free trial course, and the surveys general visitors take.

I’m looking to affinitize common threads of the reason people are coming here, how I’m serving them, and any feedback they had for me. All of this will help me brainstorm and  prioritize my future actions and improvements to the sit.


Last week I mentioned running. I also enjoy resistance training. But since it is so resource intensive requiring going to the gym and investing time each week, I like to maximize my results. A while ago I made a Pareto chart of the lifts that I thought were the most beneficial to my goals and looked for a way to do them. Coincidentally, there is an app called 5×5 Strong Lifts that came to the same conclusions. I love it. It keeps me centered on doing the ‘vital few’ things that give me the maximum benefits.

Community Challenge

We all have clients. Maybe they come by different names; boss, colleagues, students, teachers, stakeholders, children, parents, etc. How can you apply the concept of a Net Promoter Score to yourself, your team, your business, or your industry? Send me an email and let me know.


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