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With 1.3 million people per year visiting Six Sigma Study Guide, we have a large audience.

I try to interact with as many people as I can in order to see how to best help as many people as I can. Doing so, it seems there is a need for a group study session distributed on-line so I thought I’d offer an experiment:

Are You Interested in a Free 8 Week Six Sigma Green Belt Review?

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • You click this link and the system will add you to my email list for a free 8 week Six Sigma Green Belt Review.
  • Each week I’ll send an email with the following:
    • A topic or list of topics to read and review.
      • (You can use your materials or the 1000+ pages I have for free on-line).
    • A short optional practice assignment.
      • (You can use your materials or mine).
    • A short real-life application assignment.
  • Questions
    • Just like an in-person study group, one of the best benefits is a set of peers to ask questions to on subjects you are weak in and to provide help on the sections you are strong in.
    • I’ll provide pages where you can ask questions to the group.
    • I’ll do my best to answer questions but please understand that this is a free service and my focus will be on my paid students.

Focus of the Free Six Sigma Green Belt Review

We will focus on the main topics that the most-popular Six Sigma certifying organizations like ASQ, IASSC, and others test candidates on.

Sign up here:

Interested? Great! Enter your email here and we’ll get started shortly

Questions About the 8 Week Free Six Sigma Green Belt Review

Other questions? Ask them below in the comments:

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