I love feedback on the site. I especially love actionable feedback. The more I know of what you want, the better I’m able to serve it to you.

One of my Pass Your Green Belt subscribers used the material there to OVER prepare for his Yellow Belt

Hey Ted,

I took my exam today and I passed the Yellow Belt certification! I am anxious to see where it will take me in my career.

I’m sure you want to hear my feedback so here it is:

  • Your notes were great tool, but I thought the test takers will appreciate if you had glossary of all the terms defined. I had that with me and it helped me a lot.
  • Also, the questions itself did reflect the contents of the questions, but what helped me the most is eliminating the answer choices by particular wording from the questions.

Thanks for creating the website! I’m sure that I will be using it again for my Green Belt in few years.

Best, Hyung

A Few Things I Learned from His Note:

  1. Hyung REALLY likes to over prepare – using my course to prepare for a Yellow belt is like using a Cadillac to run over an Ant. Dozens of Black Belt candidates have used the Green Belt system to pass their exams.
  2. The in-depth answers on each of the practice tests REALLY help people succeed. Remember, it’s not always enough to know the right answer; you have to know which ones are wrong to have the best chance at success.
  3. I should provide more downloads and handouts! Currently there are several ‘cheat sheets’ included that help people learn, but there are certainly more I could add. What download
  4. I really have to find out why Hyung isnt getting his Green Belt now – he’s obviously ready!

Six Sigma Glossaries

Hyung was right. A glossary helps. Currently, there are a few Glossary Pages on the site that you can print out:

There are more. Really, you can just use the search function on the site to find the definition and use of any Six Sigma term. But having a concise handout would be helpful in a certification test that lets you bring notes. What other topics should I add a glossary for?

Year End Review Bonus

As I’ve compiled my most recent batch of feedback from users I was very touched by the consideration people gave me by sharing their successes on their six sigm journeys, ways I could improve the site, and for sharing things they felt were useful.

I feel I should give back. So I am. If you’re interested, go here.


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