Types of Testing

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Several different types of testing.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Doesn’t break the tested item. Can be open to interpretation.

Visual Inspection

Just look at it.

Ultrasonic Testing

  • High frequency vibration.
  • You can also use to find dimensional thickness. Ex. Hollow wall castings.
  • Similar to sonar.

Magnetic Particle Testing

  • Used to find defects in ferromagnetic alloys.

Liquid Penetrant Testing

  • Rapid model for detecting open surface defects in ferrous and non ferrous materials.
  • Used on nonporous metallic and nonmetallic materials.

Eddy Current Testing

  • Measure flow of eddy currents in a material having identical characteristics as the test piece.
  • Comparing with the test piece shows how much in or out of standard it is.

Destructive Testing

Scratch Hardness

Can be performed using a file or a hardness of 10 material. It is quick, easy and not expensive.

Penetration tests

More complex, time intensive, expensive and accurate.


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