Website Updates – Thanksgiving 2014 Edition

Thanksgiving updates
Photo by Sataya Murthy

Photo by Sataya Murthy

Many readers in the United States will be celebrating Thanksgiving this week. For my part, I’m thankful for you coming by the website. I’m very grateful for you choosing to spend a little time – both improving your corner of the world and also sharing feedback with me so I can upgrade the experience of the website.
Before I sit down to sharing a great meal with my family this week, I wanted to share the great work being done on the website. Please check out the exciting new developments on
Great new visual design
Optimized for mobile using a great responsive web design. Access Six Sigma Study guide on whatever platform you choose.-Your feedback would be greatly appreciated!
More Study Guides
I’ve gathered all of the notes from the most popular Green Belt and Black Belt tests and put links to all in an easy-to-reference page here:
Comprehensive Tools Guide
While the study guide notes are helpful, I found Six Sigma much easier to understand if I organized it in the manner I use it professionally. You can see that order here.
Notes Explained
The website started as a listing of my personal notes to pass the black belt exam. I’ve since updated over 100 of those pages into fully-formed articles that help describe the concepts. Just use the search button towards the top of the page on the right hand side and enter whatever you are looking for. If you don’t find something – or if what you find needs more explanation, just send an email or leave a comment and I’ll do my best to help out.
More Images
I am a visual learner so including images helps me retain information better. It turns out much of the audience is, too! Images also helps me tell the story in the articles much easier. Hope you’ll enjoy the balance of humor and helpfulness. (Note: if you have a better image to include, just paste a link to it in the comments section of any page.)
Additional Sections & Upgrades
  • The home page has been completely redesigned.
    • There are feature articles answering the most common questions in a rotating picture format. Want a question answered? Just email it to me here.
    • There is a DMAIC section where you can see articles arranged by each phase. Just select the tab of the phase you want and the most recent articles about tools and techniques in that phase will show up.
  • Comments
    • Your peers in the industry are beginning to leave comments on articles – please join them! Conversations bring the material to life. It’s also the primary way I know if I need to add more material or expound on a subject.
  • New Section – Six Sigma in Real Life.
    • This is a new concept I am trying based on a newsletter subscriber’s feedback. Here I’ll highlight how I would use Six Sigma in hypothetical situations. Unfortunately, I am currently restricted from sharing particular details of my projects but I have a host of other case studies and applications queued up to share.
    • Our first article is on Using Six Sigma in Process Management. More to come!
As always, please let me know what would help your professional development most. Feel free to email me at this address or just leave a comment on any article you choose. I’ll do my best to respond and provide a great experience.
Thanks and all the best, Ted.
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