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Photo by Les Haines

Photo by Les Haines

A common issue that Six Sigma projects face is a lack of business impact for the company.

ASQ Six Sigma Green Belt Project Questions

Question: Which of the following is the key objective of a six sigma project?

(A) Developing detailed control charts for critical processes
(B) Developing a matrix to understand the how’s and what’s of a problem process
(C) Reducing variation in critical processes
(D) Reducing investment costs while improving output quality

Answer: Six Sigma projects attempt to control processes by getting them under control. That’s the objective. Controlling the variation inherent in a process is the best way to do that. Once you have variation under control you can then improve quality. If you try to improve quality without first reducing variation, you’ll just waste your time. See the Quincunx example for a great visual.

You might develop a matrix to understand the problem or you might use other tools. But developing that matrix is not the object of launching a six sigma project.

At the end of your project you might create control charts for critical processes. But again, creating those charts is NOT the objective of the project.

You would not necessarily reduce investment costs (although you could) as part of the project, so that’s not the best answer. You certainly would reduce the cost of poor quality, though!


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