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Happy New Year, everyone! Today I am announcing the launch of a free online six sigma practice tests. I’m  so excited about this new functionality. And if you’re studying for any of the Six Sigma exams, you will be to. Best of all, if you have one of our free memberships, you already have access. If you don’t, let me tell you about why this has me jazzed up.

My mission here at is to help more people pass their exams. That’s it. Plain and simple. Other companies count sales of books or training classes. I count the number of people whom this site helps pass a six sigma exam.

Over the years I’ve found three determining factors of those who pass and those who do not:

  1. People who pass try to teach the material. Doesn’t matter if this is 1:1 with you and a colleague or if you write articles for publication or if you lead a full class. Teaching is a great way to learn.
  2. People who pass apply the material. The concepts in the Body of Knowledge your exam tests can’t just remain static, you have to try to apply them to your profession and your daily life.
  3. People who pass practice a lot of example test questions. You need the repetition. You need to be familiar with various question types. Above all else, you not only need to know the right answer to questions, you need to know why the other options are wrong. That’s what today’s announcement is all about.

I’ve built a free on-line test tool to help

  • 100% on-line. 
    • Study on any device, anywhere. Have a few minutes on your commute? Dive in.
  • Saves and reports your answers.
    • Automatic grading shows your comprehension of the materials. You can download and print a copy of your results along with specific study material.
  • Analyzes your biggest problem areas.
    • The system automatically grades the whole exam AND each individual topic. This helps you prioritize what areas you need the most help on.
  • Explains in detail why each answer is correct or why it is not.
    • Many six sigma certification exams offer very similar answers and it is up to you to pick the answer that is the “most correct.” Often those choices are dependent upon subtle differences. I explain not only each correct answer, but each option available.
  • Provides recommendations on what to review.
    • Understanding a topic requires more than just googling the terms in the question. These questions often depend on context from broader concepts. The system provides links to the specific concepts you need to know in the over 400 free articles on this site.
  • Provides a way to drill into specific problem-area topics.
    • What if you only want to study a certain topic? There are shorter exams for each BOK topic. For example, if you are weak in the DMAIC Measure phase, call up the Measure-only exam and work questions in that section.

How to Get Started

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Register for free online six sigma practice questions

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Select the Exam You Want to Practice

Select the quiz you want to practice

Take the Practice Exam


Results are Sorted by Section

completed results

Prioritize the areas you need the most help with.

Review Your Scores

correct answers

Each question is reviewed along with an explanation of the answer and links to extensive free articles about that topic so you can bookmark them for study.

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Take the Practice Exams as Often as You Like


I suggest studying until you get at least a 90% passing grade.

You Can Even Download a PDF of the Answers, Explanations, and Results!


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You Can Also Take Quizzes by Section

study guides

Really sharpen your understanding of each section by focusing section-by-section!

Taking quizzes by section:

  • Helps you focus on the sections that you need the most help with.
  • By focusing on a single section at a time, you have a much better chance at mastering it.
  • Once you have mastered one section, move to the next!

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Have Additional Questions?

What Else? offers plenty of free resources to help you in your Six Sigma Journey:

–Real-life application of Six Sigma principles.

–Thought-pieces by real-world practitioners that get the material out of the text books and into a real-world setting.

–Practical career tips that almost no one uses, but are incredibly effective!

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