Measurement Methods and Tools

Photo by smitty42
Photo by smitty42

Photo by smitty42


  • Digital Calipers – Useful to send data directly to computer programs.
  • Dial Calipers – Have jaws.
  • Vernier Calipers – Use Vernier Scale – 1/1000 of an inch | 0.001 inch. Have been replaced by digital or dial calipers.


  • Depth gage: Come in various shapes and sizes. Used to measure depth of holes, slots, and the distance from a surface to a projection.
  • Indicating gage: shows the amount of variation in size of the specification.
  • Master gage or reference gage: is used to check the working gage for accuracy prior to measuring.

Optical Comparators

  • A device that compares a part or a form to a desired contour.
  • A beam of light is used and the resulting shadow is magnified by a lens system. The shadow is compared to a master chart.

Surface Plates

  • Surface plates provide accurate reference surface.


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