How to Create a Stem and Leaf Plot

How to create a stem and leaf plot

How to create a stem and leaf plotStem and leaf plots are some of the best ways to not only study but track information as well. Stem and leaf plots have been around for decades are like a cross between a histogram and a check sheet. The difference with this type of graph is that it actually preserves the actual data. There are many different ways to go about creating a stem and leaf plot but they all serve the same purpose at the end of the day. They are very simplistic, are an easy way to record and understand information, and they have been used for anything from school to business calculations since their inception.

Stem and Leaf Plot Worksheet

A stem and leaf plot worksheet will not only show the value of numbers but show the distribution of data in a visual way too. Basically, it is a very popular method of showing numerical data. The values will become stems and the trailing values will be the leaves. For instance, if you had a lot of different numbers ranging from 1 to 99, you would put the 1 (or any of the other ten’s place digits) as the stem and the one’s place digits would be the leaves. At its core, that is the basics of a stem and leaf plot worksheet and they can be used for all sorts of numerical data. Whether you are recording how much gas you use in your vehicle, how much electricity is being used in a house, or even how much money you are earning on a weekly basis, stem and leaf plots have many advantages and are a great way to express information. You more than likely first saw one in your elementary school class and you will most likely see one in your adulthood.

Stem and Leaf Plot Maker

All across the internet, there are steam and leaf plot makers. People spend their coding time to create these programs so you do not have to waste time inputting the information when you already know what you want to convey. The actual inputting of the data is not what is important; the data is what it is important. How these websites will work is that it will give you a box in order to put the data inside, and then you say how many times you want to split the stem. Once you figure that out, you tell it how many significant figures you want the one’s places to add in the leaves and then you calculate. It will give you a nice and organized stem and leaf plot with all the information you asked for. There are some stem and leaf plot makers that even get more advanced and technical and allow you to input words and have more information to help better read what it is you are trying to say. I do not think nothing beats making your own, as then it is unique specifically to your information, but for those people needing a quick stem and leaf plot, nothing beats a stem and leaf plot maker. These makers are also a great way to teach you not only about stem and leaf plots but how to make them yourself for next time. Some people use these makers as a blueprint to teach themselves how they are made and how to better perfect one the next time around. Although some would consider it a cheat tool, it is a very useful way to obtain the knowledge to craft your own stem and leaf plot for next time.

Stem and Leaf Plot with Decimals

There are some stem and leaf plots out there that have decimals along with it. When you are tracking your leaves, all you have to do is include the decimal points as well. It is not that different from a normal stem and leaf plot, only in which you have to designate your stems and leaves to where you want them to begin. For instance, your stems may be the ones place while your leaves are the decimal points. It is all in how you do the graph and what numerical information you are trying to convey. Stem and leaf plots are very flexible this way.

Stem and Leaf Plot Activities

There are many different activities in which you can involve a stem and leaf plot. If there is a football game going on, you can track the amount of yards someone has ran; to make stem and leaf plots even more fun, you can even track the score to a video game and see who has the highest data on the plot. There is no shortage of activities, usefulness, and fun a stem and leaf plot can achieve. It is up to you to find out the different ways to utilize them and make the graph your own

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