A Guide to Hypothesis Testing

A Guide to Hypothesis Testing
A Guide to Hypothesis Testing.

A Guide to Hypothesis Testing. Photo by Jean-Etienne Minh-Duy Poirrier

One of the most difficult concepts for students to understand and master before taking the Six Sigma Black Belt Exam is the concept and mechanics of Hypothesis Testing. I’ve received a number of questions on this topic recently. As a result, we’ve put together a great reference for you with both articles and a great cheat sheet you can use on exam day – or any time you want to use Hypothesis testing in the real world.

My ask:

  1. Review the hypothesis testing notes. A lot of effort went into creating these pages. But it’s all for naught if these are not useful resources.
  2. Check out the hypothesis testing cheat sheet. This is a separate downloadable resource that helps you decide which hypothesis test you should run, which statistics apply, and what equations you need. Keep it with you when you are doing practice exams. Let me know if it is helpful.
  3. Leave questions. Anything that is not clear, or that could be better explained, leave me a note at the bottom of the article and we’ll update it. Also, if you’ve seen other, better examples, or better graphics, let me know. My goal is for this set of articles to be the best guide for hypothesis testing on the internet.
  4. Tell me what’s next. Everyone has their own topics that they struggle with. Let me know what yours is and I’ll work on getting you help.

Six Sigma Hypothesis Testing Articles:

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  • Jennifer

    Where can I find the hypothesis testing cheat sheet? When I tested I scoured the Internet for one and just couldn’t find one I liked, so I developed my own although it wasn’t pretty. I’d love to see what you came up with.

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